A uncommon picture of Antoinette Naguib and Ayman Zeidan on social media

A rare picture of the late actress Antoinette Naguib and the actor was leaked on social mediaAyman Zidane.

And the duo appeared in the picture, and the environment of joy and spontaneity was apparent, as they exchanged discussions in an environment of pleasure.
A handful of times ago he experienced afflicted the Syrian artistic local community with his deathAntonietta NaguibImmediately after suffering from health issues.
The Syrian artists union, the Damascus department, mourned the late actress, the place she posted a photo of her and hooked up it with a remark: “The Damascus branch of the artists union mourns the departure of fellow artist Antoinette Najib, and we will tell you afterwards of the date of the funeral, the burial and the date of the condolences. We belong to God and to Him we will return, so allow his point out be eternal. “

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