A twelve-year-old boy from Gijón dies from an acute inflammatory condition after catching COVID

A A twelve-year-old boy from Gijón died early today in the ICU of the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA) due to a severe inflammatory failure weeks after being infected with covid. The minor entered the Cabueñes Hospital and due to the sudden worsening of his health, he was transferred the following day to HUCA. coma induced in pediatric ICU, although the explosive inflammatory condition that he suffered affected his vital organs, so the situation was irreversible.

The minor had no known prior pathology, he was a sportsman who until just a few days ago played soccer, one of his passions. Organ failure caused as a complication of coronavirus in children and adolescents it is uncommon, but it has already left several deaths in Spain, including a five-month-old baby in Murcia.

The doctors are now studying the specific case of the Gijón child to determine the causes that triggered the fatal outcome. The minor began to feel unwell hours before going to the Cabueñes Hospital, with a fever and a skin reaction. Its worsening was sudden due to the aggressive advance of inflammation in the body. His death has left his parents and his school, the Jesuits, devastated, who this Friday sent a statement to the entire educational community informing of his death and expressing their condolences to the family. His teammates on the soccer team are also shocked by the loss of the little boy.



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