A student demanded $ 50,000 from Elon Musk not to monitor his plane

The Tesla boss offered only $ 5,000 to the young man

Elon Musk offered $ 5,000 to an enterprising student to delete a Twitter account that tracks the flights of the billionaire’s private jet. However, the young man made a counter-offer – $ 50 thousand or an internship in one of his two companies – “Space X” and “Tesla”, the Daily Mail reported.

“Okay, how about $ 5,000 for this account to make the process a little harder for crazy people to follow me,” the billionaire initially suggested. “I don’t like the idea of ​​being shot by someone crazy,” Musk said.

Jack Sweeney, a 19-year-old student at the University of Central Florida, asked the businessman to provide him with an internship in exchange for removing the @ElonJet Twitter account, after Musk later decided it was wrong to pay for such actions. The boy has not yet received an answer to his proposal.

Just a few days ago, @ElonJet had just over 80,000 followers on social media. A week later, their number already exceeds 215 thousand, and they are increasing every second.

Sweeney uses a program he developed to track the flights of the world-famous businessman. After analyzing the results, he uploads information to the account

when and from where

takes off

the machine

as well as where it is expected to land.

The freshman has developed 15 such profiles, following the planes of other important people such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, but that of their rival Musk turned out to be the most interesting for the audience.

Although the information Sweeney relies on is public, it comes from a variety of sources and is difficult to connect if you have no additional knowledge of the aviation system. He got them from his father, who works in the field, as well as from his hobby of chasing various planes.

The youth program requires sophisticated knowledge that calculates the frequencies in question and compares them with anonymous flight plans. Only after the analysis does he know where Musk will travel.

When Sweeney explains how his system works, the billionaire seems surprised that such information is publicly available. “Air traffic control is so primitive,” said the Tesla chief.

The freshman even gave Musk technical advice by showing him a program that blocks information leaks. “He seems to have accepted my advice,” he said, explaining that the developer is currently using the blocking system. However, Sweeney can still track his flights, just the process is an idea more complicated.

The teenager was very enthusiastic the first time his idol contacted him, but he still lacked a sense of humor. He offered to delete the profile in exchange for a brand new Tesla Model 3 car.

Meanwhile, amid the total impoverishment of billionaires of more than $ 50 billion since the beginning of 2022, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has ordered his pilot to make empty flights on his own plane in order to deceive Sweeney. where is.

After his private jet landed in Austin, Texas, last Tuesday, he suddenly reappeared in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon. At the time of the landing, however, Elon Musk was holding a conference call with investors, and thousands of people were listening to him live. It seems the billionaire has decided

to play with

the boy of

cat and mouse,

experts note.

This decision is probably a matter of honor, given that such air tours cost the owner much more than the $ 50,000 requested, which Sweeney said would help him with his education.

However, after the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange, Musk’s fortune fell by a record $ 25.1 billion. He is still the richest man, owning $ 243 billion. During his heyday, however, his fortune amounted to more than $ 300 billion

Besides him, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many other rich people have lost large sums due to the fall in shares by more than 14%. This is the lowest level of the stock market since the beginning of the pandemic. In a few days, billionaires lost a total of $ 67 billion.

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