A Short-lived Time Reversal Until the New Year: See When the…

No significant surprises are expected in the weather forecast until the new year, forecasters are categorical. Days will be foggy in the lower part of the country in the morning and sunnier in the afternoon. However, it will be cooler in the middle of the week with the invasion of a portion of colder air and the possibility of less precipitation in the mountains and surroundings. In the morning the thermometers will drop below zero, in the afternoon they will fluctuate around 8-9 degrees. The remaining days will have temperatures well above normal for the season – in places around and above 15 degrees.

And on the last day of this week, the air in some urban areas has fine dust particles above permissible levels. Predictably, the Christmas Eve wind managed to partially reduce the concentration of pollutants and by dawn on Sunday only 5 stations in the country recorded pollution around and above the norm: Gorna Oryahovitsa, Devnya, Nesebar, Blagoevgrad and Plovdiv.

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