“A life you have to endure”… ‘Divorce with Yu Catnip’ Choi Choi, delivered a meaningful heart-reporter Kim Hyun-seo

[김현서 기자] Youtuber Choi Choi shared his heart.

On the 13th, Choi Ki-gi uploaded a post entitled “Why is my life a life I have to endure?” through her Instagram.

Next, he posted a photo with a post saying, “I want to confide everything in my heart, but I can’t do that because I felt worse about the situation I had experienced in the past.”

In the photo we released together, Choi Choi is looking at a mobile phone while wearing transparent glasses. His attention is focused on his focus.


Netizens who saw this, “I saw the content of the future pine needles talking about their position”, “I want to see the wonderful husband and father of the two women I love (seeds, pine needles)”, “Gogi-sama will have a good day. I think I will thank my dad very much because the pine needles are big.” Currently, Choi Ki-gi is appearing in’We Got Divorced’ with Yu Catnip, who is all of them. It is known that the reason for the divorce of the two was a family conflict, and it is also a hot topic.

Recently, Choi Choi drew attention by asking Yoo Catnip to reunite (remarriage). In response, Yu Catnip refused, saying, “I don’t have affection for each other, but when I come home, it will be the same as now.”


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