SCB PRIVATE BANKING showcases the year 63, taking care of customer portfolio, creating more than 14% gills

For this portfolio, it is a mixed investment in products from SCB Group companies and other partner companies in the form of Open Architecture. To select investment products that can generate the best returns for customers.

In this year 2021, SCB PRIVATE BANKING continues to strive to be the leader in consulting to create wealth for its clients. This is an important part of driving the private banking business, one of the core businesses which is a corporate strategy that will create sustainable growth. SCB PRIVATE BANKING has a team of professional financial and personal investment advisors both at the Bank SCB And SCB Securities To be ready to provide investment advice that is suitable for individual customers. Personalized Investment Portfolios are tailored to the needs and level of investment risk of each client. Whereby customers can ask for more information from an investment advisor (Relationship managers) immediately.

Mr.Sornchai Suneta, CFA, Managing Director, Chief Investment Office, SCB Securities Co., Ltd. or SCBS CIO, said that the personal investment finance advisory team from Chief Investment Office or SCBS CIO Office has given advice. In order to optimize investment portfolios under the rapidly changing market conditions over the past 2020, our recommended medium risk portfolios.

However, there is a diversification of investment risks in bond funds, equity funds. And funds that invest in alternative assets This makes a highly resilient portfolio suitable for volatile market conditions.An outstanding investment product that has been mixed in the portfolio over the past year will be equity funds.

Including alternative asset investment funds such as gold-focused SCBGOLD fund, KFACHINA fund that focuses on mainland China stocks (A Shares), PRINCIPAL GOPP fund investing in global growth stocks. Fixed income funds mixed in the portfolio act to reduce the volatility of the portfolio. And create flexibility to adjust investment portfolios

For investment portfolios in 2021, SCB recommends clients to organize investment portfolios that focus on diversification appropriately. The moderate risk portfolio (Moderate Asset Allocation) recommends dividing shares to debt at a ratio of 60% to 40%, in line with the direction of the global economic recovery that will gradually improve after the COVID vaccine distribution. -19 to the population of the world


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