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8 Men Allegedly Abuse Woman in Sukabumi, West Java: Komnas Perempuan Calls it Dating Violence


The woman with the initials PM (19) was allegedly abused by 8 men who were her boyfriends and her gang in Sukabumi, West Java, resulting in injuries. Komnas Perempuan call it dating violence.

“This falls into the category of dating violence (KDP) in the form of physical violence,” said Komnas Perempuan Commissioner, Siti Aminah Tardi, to journalists, Sunday (6/8/2023).

Komnas Perempuan I hope the other perpetrators are caught soon. Siti also encouraged victims to get justice.

“We appreciate the Citamiang Police Chief of Sukabumi Resort and his staff who have arrested one of the perpetrators of violence. We hope that all the perpetrators can be arrested soon and the victim will recover soon and be able to get justice and recovery,” he explained.

Siti then alluded to the vulnerability of women in dating relationships. Siti also highlighted the alleged persecution because the perpetrator was jealous of the victim.

“KDP in the form of physical violence shows that women have vulnerabilities in personal relationships. Jealousy is used as an excuse to hurt victims, including by inviting friends from their gang who don’t know what the problem is,” he explained.

According to Siti, the perpetrator has no right to punish the victim with violence. The beating that involved the friend of the victim’s boyfriend was considered wrong solidarity.

“Resolving problems in non-violent ways should be everyone’s skill in building relationships. As if because the victim makes jealous, then men have the right to punish in such a way. Solidarity is wrong, among members of this gang,” he said.

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