7 Fatimah Grass health benefits, these are myths and facts

4. Improve the immune system

The health benefits of Fatimah herb are able to boost the immune system. According to Drugsthis property comes from fatimah herb which has abundant antioxidant content.

This is why Fatimah herb is good at maintaining the body’s immune system, making a person not susceptible to disease. It is recommended to consume a decoction of Fatimah herb extract regularly or in the form of herbal tea.

5. Increase endurance

the health benefits of fatimah herb are good in trying to increase the resistance of the body. Fatimah herb benefits are revealed in a research journal titled The in vivo rodent micronucleus test of Kacip Fatimah extract (Labisia pumila) (2006) by S. Zaizuhana, et al.

This scientific research involved a group of men of different ethnic backgrounds in Malaysia. Research findings on Fatimah herb benefits have shown that men experienced increased stamina and productivity after consuming Fatimah herb extract.

6. Provides skin protection

The health benefits of Fatimah herb are that it is good for keeping the skin healthy, you can get it by applying it. According to DrugsFatimah herb extracts are believed to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation or direct exposure to sunlight.

The way the beauty benefits of Fatimah herb work is to protect skin fibroblasts from cell death, then increase collagen production and reduce the effects of inflammatory cytokines. To get the most out of it, don’t miss out on using sunscreen or sunscreen.

7. Increase pregnancy contractions

Many believe that the health benefits of the Fatimah herb are able to increase the contractions of pregnancy. The efficacy of the Fatimah herb is still widely used by the people living in the interior.

Indeed, Fatimah herb is able to increase uterine contractions to facilitate pregnancy. However, research in Malaysia has stated that unlike oxytocin, levels of active substances in fatimah herb are difficult to measure, making it more dangerous for pregnant women.

In the book titled Myths or facts about water and hydration by Sudung O Pardede, Parlindungan Siregar, Hardinsyah and Budi Iman Santoso, pointed out that drinking Fatima grass water is not recommended because it causes excessive uterine contractions which endanger the safety of the mother and fetus.

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