Cardinals – Chargers (24-25): Justin Herbert keeps Los Angeles alive

It’s cruel to Arizona. The Chargers can thank Justin Herbert and Brandon Staley.

Arizona Cardinals (4-8) – Los Angeles Chargers (6-5): 24-25

While the Cardinals had the game in hand, a return ball from Arizona was well returned by DeAndre Carter for a thirty-yard offensive series. Series converted into a touchdown by Austin Ekeler (5 games, 20 YDS, 11 REC, 60 YDS, 1 TD) on a pass from Justin Herbert (35/47, 274 YDS, 3 TD) who then turns it into 2 points with a assist for tight end Gerald Everett.

Going into the game as a whole, it could look like a drag on Los Angeles as Arizona seemed to dominate on both ends of the court. But the small details made all the difference like the special teams, and above all the audacity of the coach of Brandon Staley.

It’s Arizona’s sixth home loss and it’s hard to imagine how Kliff Kingsbury’s men can reach the playoffs. Los Angeles can still hope to nab them with a wildcard seat.

blow for blow

The 2 attacks start the match badly. After a sack by JJ Watt and then a fumble by James Conner, it was the Cardinals’ offense that opened the scoring. Kyler Murray (18/29, 191 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT) finds DeAndre Hopkins (4 REC, 87 YDS, 1 TD) before Matt Prater makes things worse on a field goal.

But Los Angeles has the answer. Indeed, after a touchdown by Keenan Allen (5 REC, 49 YDS, 1 TD) on a pass from Justin Herbert, Derwin James relieved DeAndre Hopkins and intercepted Kyler Murray. Enhanced interception with a touchdown reception by DeAndre Carter.

After this momentum taken by Los Angeles, Arizona responds with a long offensive series of 14 plays and 75 yards later, Kyler Murray uses his legs this time to allow his team to get back in front just before halftime in a pleasant first period . (17-14)

Los Angeles from all the emotions

The 2nd period will be much less exciting with 7 punts in all. It must be said that in the last 4 games the Chargers have scored less than 10 points in the second half.

It will hardly be better in this match, as they only put up 11 points. Arizona will do little better with 7 points on a Kyler Murray touchdown pass to an excellent James Conner (25 carries, 120 YDS, 3 REC, 20 YDS, 1 TD) early in the 4th quarter.

Afterward, Arizona thought they had the game in hand with several defensive plays, including an authoritative sack by Isaiah Simmons. It was without counting Justin Herbert’s clutch attitude.

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