Slimmed down Danuta Martyniuk on hateful rumors: ‘They wrote that I was FAT AND UGLY’

Some time ago Danuta Martyniuk made an exceptionally successful return to living rooms. During one of the events, she showed up alongside Zenek Martyniuk in a completely new version, slimmer by a good 15 kilograms. There was no end to the positive comments, and Danuta has already told, among others, the secret of metamorphosis. during a visit to “Breakfast Question”.

Danuta Martyniuk mentions metamorphosis again. She was fed up with the criticism

It would seem that Danuta Martyniuk he has already told almost everything about his transformation. We know that she eats less and has given up sweets and potatoes, which has interfered with her attempts to maintain a slim figure. Now area Zenek Martyniuk told in an interview with “Party” the motivation behind his determined fight for a new figure.

It turns out that Danusia had been thinking about losing a few pounds for some time, but the real stimulus that prompted her to take matters into her own hands were the unflattering rumors on the web. Zenek’s wife read “bad comments” on herself, which was a signal to her again the critics “shut these murders down”..

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but I’m not hiding it I’ve been very motivated by all the nasty comments I’ve read about my appearance confessed and explained: Under my photos, Internet users wrote that I am fat, ugly, I look like Zenek’s mother, and my husband should find someone younger, more attractive. He hurt me a lot and finally the moment came when I thought: “I’ll show you again!”.

Of course, her husband didn’t leave her alone on the battlefield and wanted to support her with his reaction.

He said now he needs to lose weight too! – says (apparently amused) Danusia.

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Danuta Martyniuk reveals how much she weighed before the metamorphosis. How much weight has she lost?

Martyniuk has already said that in addition to his diet, he used exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and used the help of a dietitian. She has now revealed how much weight she managed to lose and at what weight she started her metamorphosis.

When, with my height of 154 centimeters, the scale read 67 kilograms, I knew that first of all I had to stop eating sweets, because they were the ones who were losing me. I also cut my food portions in half and drank lots of water. In total, I lost 17 kilos she says delighted.

The magazine claims that in addition to diet and exercise, Danusia also attended slimming treatments at a beauty salon, which helped her fight excess body fat. She now weighs 50 kilograms and, as a reward, she has allowed herself a little pleasure.

I feel lighter and have more zest for life. Every morning I want to get up, dress well and put on makeup. After such a weight loss, I changed almost my entire wardrobe and it was the most pleasant part of the metamorphosis – he admits.

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She is slim and beautiful like her sober and intelligent son.

Nothing motivates us to act more than the desire to show others what we are capable of. And she should do it only for herself, so as not to prove anything to anyone

Hey, these are old pics, don’t you have any new ones? But kudos to you for your tenacity. The best motivation is wounded pride. you have to watch out for the yo-yo effect and you’ll be fine.

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And what else does she need to do 🙂 besides petting herself. It’s not a result.

there’s no way it weighs 50, it’s the weight of a celebrity like Lewandowska. I’m not even 60, why lie like that?

I like them very much, normal people, too bad they have problems with their son, I feel sorry for them

What are the photos after the metamorphosis?

The cult of anorexics terrorizes normal people with its obsession, telling them that if they lose weight they will be beautiful. What is the truth. My husband has lost weight and now he looks like a scarecrow. 4 sticks and body. Something terrible. At least once he looked like a piece of farmer, not a broom.

Danuta looks great and Zenek is super good looking

Poodle, why did you stop searching for celebrities by name or keyword? There was a magnifying glass and it’s gone, unless you’re the only one who can’t find it.

So what if the only child has failed, tragedy, no money or looks can fix, I sympathize

It’s cool, but things like this should be done for yourself, not for others.

where is the photo of the transformation?

Congratulations Mrs. Danko, I’ve been trying to lose weight for a year and nothing

You can’t buy looks and personal culture…

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