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5 Gaiter Boot Styles That Have Become Fashion Icons

The brands, on each catwalk, launch proposals that can go viral or be the favorites of some fashion prescribers. In the first case, there are many examples that we can find today, such as Victoria Beckham’s iconic lingerie-style dress, which has not stopped being a source of inspiration for other brands.

Thus, we come with another similar example and one that we keep seeing so much in the feed of our influencers fav as in some of the brands of the moment. A couple of years ago, cSpecifically in 2012, Givenchy launched the shark lock, also known as gaiter bootsand that stand out for their particular design that seems taken from the equestrian world.


Kylie Jenner and others it girls like Anna Winck are some who have been seen wearing these boots on the street. In addition, the company sells them in different shapes and colors to adapt to any style.

Likewise, we would highlight their versatility when it comes to wearing them. They can be the right footwear for a look typical of a Pinterest girl or an elegant one with a dress as the main garment. In conclusion, The options are endless.

The euphoria for these boots has been so great that some brands have decided to launch their own versions. Currently, you can dive to find several options, but we would like to show you some that (be careful) are willing to be part of your closet.

GIVENCHY’s SHARK LOCK boots: Why they have become a fashion icon

1. For your most elegant looks

We start with the version low cost more elegant, and Stradivarius has launched these boots with an 8.5 centimeter heel, which combine perfectly with your little black dress trustworthy and your jacket more chic. With this set, you will be more than ready to say goodbye to the high temperatures and go in style to the office or the street this season.

Stradivarius. Precio 59,99€

2. Yes to Rock and Roll

From the more formal option of Stradivarius we move on to the more rocker of Alma en Pena. The Spanish firm, for this season, has released these boots with studs and chunky heel 10 centimeters but that convey a feeling of comfort that you won’t want to take off all day (or week). They are also available in brown, which are just as acceptable to take outside. Go to the website and you will see it.

Suffering soul. 219,95€

3. In the purest equestrian style

Another Spanish brand where you can find another pair of boots of this style is at Au Revoir Cinderella. They are made of leather, their design has certain equestrian airs, the heel is 7 centimeters and we promise that they will match with your jeans trustworthy. Without a doubt, the perfect finish for a look urban, casual and feminine.

Goodbye Cinderella. Precio 229,90€

4. Everything in denim

Zara has also succumbed to the boom of gaiter boots. Proof of this are these that combine the leading trend with that of total denim. A proposal with which to step on the asphalt with the best of styles, and carry the essence of the two thousand as it should.

Zara. Precio 49,95€

5. Do you dare with white?

Another model that we loved and that you can easily find are these from Bershka, ecru in color and with cowboy touches, which are also still in fashion. Ideal to wear with a long or short dress or a mini skirt, another trend that is sweeping this season.

Bershka. Precio 59,99€

As you have seen, it is a footwear option that you can find anywhere and in any style. Are you joining us to get on the gaiter boots bandwagon?

Alejandra González: @alexgoonzalez13

Images: Courtesy of Instagram.

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