Raffi Ahmad’s story calls Baim Wong about domestic violence joke videos

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Raffi Ahmad tell time to contact Baim Wong domestic violence joke videos (Domestic violence) who reaped public blasphemy. She admitted calling Baim before her husband did Paula Verhoeven uploaded an apology video to Instagram.

Through a phone call, Raffi asked about Baim’s conditions and why the actor made the content.

“While I was eating I called Baim, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ Then he immediately said, ‘Well, whatever I did was wrong. I’m not sensitive enough,’ “said Raffi imitating his conversation with Baim at the FYP Trans 7 event on Tuesday (4/10).


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“‘I didn’t mean anything, but whatever it was I was wrong. This is a lesson for me, now I want to apologize immediately,” continued Raffi imitating Baim’s words.

In the conversation, Raffi also explained that Baim claimed to be close to the police officers who were the target of the joke. This prompted him not to hesitate to play domestic violence jokes with his wife, Paula Verhoeven.

Shortly after Raffi called, Baim and Paula uploaded an apology video to Instagram. The video shows them on their way to the Kebayoran Lama police office in southern Jakarta, where they made the video they thought was a joke.

Amid many public blasphemies against Baim and Paula, Raffi Ahmad felt the couple had made a mistake and apologized for their mistakes.

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“There are comments, there must be a lot of blasphemies. Whatever it is, not all human beings are perfect,” said Raffi.

“Mistakes can be more than once, but his awareness is quick. He also realizes quickly,” he continued.

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