23-year-old girl and her fiancé among the dead in the burnt …

Among the victims of the terrible accident on the Struma Motorway are the 4-year-old twins Alban and Luan. They are also the youngest passengers on the Macedonian bus, Macedonian media reported. The oldest passenger is 63 years old.

The severe accident that night on the Struma Motorway killed 45 people and injured 7 others.

According to Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, there is a citizen from Presevo, Serbia, who was on the trip with his fiancée from Kumanovo. There is also a passenger with Belgian citizenship.

Istanbul Alsat-M TV and the online edition of the Vecher newspaper published a list of passengers on the bus. It is not yet clear which of them died and which survived. All travelers have Albanian names.

It also became clear that among the dead were Gazmend Ukali (27) from Kichevo and his fiancée Albina Beluli (23) from Tetovo. The two were in Istanbul to celebrate the boy’s birthday. Ukali was part of the office of Kichevo Mayor Fatmir Dehari. The information about their death was also confirmed by Mayor Dehari, quoted by the Macedonian edition “Free Press”.

“If there is a living angel on earth, it was Gazmend Ukali,” said Kichevo Mayor Fatmir Dehari.

The 27-year-old Ukali was a junior associate in the office of the mayor of Kichevo for two years, and according to the mayor he was an exceptional person and worker, blitz.bg writes.

“He was from the best family, his father was a doctor and he died three years ago. “He was a living angel,” Dehari said.



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