21-year-old fresh meat star slept 41-year-old Chen Qiaoen?”Watching the script” in the meeting room, the client hardened to fight back

(Photo/Reversed from Chen Qiaoen and Wu Lei’s Weibo)

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The mainland male star Wu Lei became popular in the 2015 “Langya List”. After a year, he and the 41-year-old actress Chen Qiaoen had a scandal, but the woman denied that he was ambiguous as “only mentally retarded”, but recently there have been rumors that 21 years old Wu Lei’s private life is “very messy.” In this regard, he issued a statement through his studio on the 27th to refute the rumors.

(Photo/Reversed from Chen Qiaoen's Weibo)
(Photo/Reversed from Chen Qiaoen’s Weibo)

Chen Qiaoen was previously accused of catching up with Wu Lei. The woman was also rumored to invite the man to the room to “read the script.” Wu Lei was only 15 years old at the time. After the man’s mother learned about it, she rushed to the crew in a rage. There was a rumor that there were 2 people on the Internet. “Sleep”, but Chen Qiaoen denied these rumors afterwards and said that he regarded the other person as his younger brother, and angered that “only mentally retarded would believe it” and dismissed all the rumors.

(Photo/Reversed from Wu Lei's Weibo)
(Photo/Reversed from Wu Lei’s Weibo)

Unexpectedly, the past scandal has been hyped up again recently. Wu Lei has been accused of “private life debauchery”, which directly affects the man’s reputation. Seeing that the rumors are getting stronger and stronger, Wu Lei’s studio made a statement on the 27th to refute the rumors.

According to the statement, Wu Lei is currently focusing on his own work, and will retain legal accountability for those who fabricate rumors of his private life, and hope that these rumors will delete infringing comments.

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(Photo/Retrieved from Sohu.com)
(Photo/Retrieved from Sohu.com)

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