Dear members and candidates of the Central Party!

I would like to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for the extraordinary and outstanding effort with which we went together against the Riigikogu elections. I would like to thank all the members of the political party, and especially those who agreed to run for office in these elections and contribute […]

Battles for Ugledar – can the invaders attack

The Ugledar direction remains one of the hottest sectors of the front. The American Institute for the Study of War previously wrote that the enemy there is preparing to resume the offensive. Alexey Danilov said that the enemy really tried to attack, but his attempts failed. About this he said on air telethontransmits 24 Channel. […]

International trade: How Luxembourg juggles its trade between China and the United States

Posted11 mars 2023, 20:53 Commerce international: How Luxembourg juggles its trade between China and the United States LUXEMBOURG – Outside Europe, the Grand Duchy’s two major trading partners remain the United States and China. Trading volumes in the billions of euros. AFP To find out if Luxembourg companies have recently launched new activities in China, […]

Thousands protest in the Czech Republic

Photo: BGNES/EPA Thousands of citizens protested in the Czech Republic, reported Radio Prague. The protest challenges the government’s actions. The protesters are demanding a new social policy. They are calling for action to curb the rise in prices. The protest was organized by the new party PRO. The group’s leader, Jindrich Raihal, spoke to the […]

See the only photo of Venus’s surface ever taken

Despite decades spent exploring our solar system, there is still much that humans have yet to achieve, and much that we have yet to explore properly. One of the most important things that still needs to be explored is the other planets in our solar system. Sure, we have pictures of Mars, but what about […]

Honor Magic 5 Ultimate is official – NapiDroid

A new member has been added to the Honor Magic 5 series, or if we want to make a pun, the final model has arrived, i.e. the Magic 5 Ultimate. The smartphone was announced in China at an event. Underneath the extremely flashy leather cover, the Ultimate model is actually a special Honor Magic 5 […]