Battles for Ugledar – can the invaders attack

The Ugledar direction remains one of the hottest sectors of the front. The American Institute for the Study of War previously wrote that the enemy there is preparing to resume the offensive.

Alexey Danilov said that the enemy really tried to attack, but his attempts failed. About this he said on air telethontransmits 24 Channel.

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According to him, those enemy groups that were in the Ugledar direction were forced to withdraw. Moreover, they refused to fight.

They went already to Russia, where they were replaced by other units. In general, it is hot throughout the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. I can’t say that there are areas where it is easy for our soldiers. Heavy fighting is going on everywhere
Danilov explained.

However, he stressed that we are on our own land and are not going to give it away to anyone. Earlier, the speaker of the joint press center of the Defense Forces of the Tauride direction emphasized that now there can be no talk of an offensive in Ugledar. Because the enemy suffered serious losses. The moral and psychological state of the Russian military has completely fallen.

The commander of the 155th brigade of Russia was taken to Rostov for refusing to carry out combat orders, said Colonel Alexei Dmitrashkovsky.

What is the situation with Ugledar

The General Staff reported that the enemy troops had carried out unsuccessful offensive operations near Ugledar.

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Note! Ukrainian defenders near Vuhledar almost completely destroyed the “elite” Russian 155th Marine Brigade.

Analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War noted that the Russian marines and units of the Eastern Military District have suffered constant significant losses in unsuccessful offensive operations in the area over the past few weeks and are likely to have significant insufficiency, and therefore will not be able to carry out a new wave in the near future. .

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