Spectacle Match d’impro : Strasbourg vs Lille

Match d’impro : Strasbourg vs Lille H, biloute, come vir’ ichi listen to the carabistouilles! It’s Lille who arrives in Strasbourg for an improvisational Alsaco-ch’ti match not inclined to be foolish, eh! For an entirely French-speaking show, we can reassure you… Here are 2 sister cities whose inhabitants generally get along very well, like a […]

US stops requiring negative COVID-19 test for passengers from China

The United States will no longer require as of this Friday a negative test of COVID-19 to travelers from China, Hong Kong or Macau who enter the country by air, as announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English). “This termination is effective for flights departing to the […]