Dear members and candidates of the Central Party!

I would like to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for the extraordinary and outstanding effort with which we went together against the Riigikogu elections. I would like to thank all the members of the political party, and especially those who agreed to run for office in these elections and contribute their personal time and resources so that we can stand up for what we believe in and what we think is right in the Riigikogu. Also, a deep bow to those who went to vote for the Center Party and encouraged others to do the same. We all had and have a very important role to play.

It is significant that we have a team that, despite such difficult circumstances, was ready to come to the rescue with their strength and advice and to work with the voters on a daily basis. It all came at the expense of your work-to-do and family, but we were able to show content and do a lot more work than our competitors. Mainly thanks to this contribution, we were able to make our voice heard in different regions of Estonia, which brought a total of 93,248 voters’ votes. Success always requires the contribution of every party member, and I thank and acknowledge all of you for the work you have done. Thank you!

16 mandates is undoubtedly not a satisfactory result. It is clear that the party has had several trials during the last year and a half, which have been an obstacle to introduce our candidates and programs, but also to set priorities and find a common language with those whose choice has been the Center Party in the past, but who did not support us this time. Of course, the election result must be honestly and concretely analyzed, what the voters’ expectations were, and what conclusions must be drawn by the Center Party.

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Today, it has become clear that, at least initially, we have to stand up for our constituents and principles in the opposition. Today’s coalition has already made it clear that its decisions will target the weakest. Finance in safe hands has turned out to be a bluff. The Center Party certainly has a very important role here to monitor and keep in focus the issues of better health care, the livelihood of Estonian people and, of course, the extraordinary pension increase.

Power to Estonia and the Central Party!

Jüri Ratas

Chairman of the Estonian Center Party

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