The pinnacle of performance – the ROG Strix Scar 18 gaming laptop from ASUS

The other dimensions are also relatively modest for a device of this size. Strix Scar 18 the thickness is a hair over 3 centimeters and the weight is 3.1 kilograms. It might seem heavy to those used to ultra-thin “laptops”, but gaming PC users are currently carrying almost as heavy computers with a significantly smaller […]

Sud Éducation: “Women will be the most affected by the pension reform”

The union mobilized in a good mood to kill two birds with one stone in front of the Roland Garros high school this Wednesday morning. Women will indeed be the most impacted by the pension reform with 22% less salary, according to INSEE in 2022. The reception of motorists and young people has been good, […]

Two bad news for Bayern!

Like PSG, Bayern Munich will have to deal with players who are not 100% to face the capital club. Condemned to the exploit, the PSG does not approach its return match in the best conditions. Consequence in particular of the doubts which weigh on the Parisian defense. And not only because of the irregularity of […]

Hugh Jackman shows the impressive diet he has for his return as Wolverine | tomatoes

While Hugh Jackman has brought incredible characters to life on the big screen throughout his career, one of the biggest roles of his acting career is undoubtedly Wolverine/James Howlett, Marvel’s powerful mutant. Jackman played this iconic superhero in several installments of the X-Men film series that began in 2000, including the character’s solo titles X-Men […]

Child survivor of the earthquake in Syria fulfills dream of meeting Cristiano Ronaldo

Rabih Shaheen is a 10-year-old boy who survived the earthquake in Syria and that after being rescued he expressed his desire to meet the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. The little boy’s dream spread on social media. An interview made by the journalist Munther Almuzakki, who told him that his desire reached Cristiano’s ears and […]

La Aldea wants to stop breast cancer

The mobile unit of the Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer program, dependent on the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) will be located in the parking lots of the Los Cascajos Sports Center until March 14, in order to perform mammograms on the aforementioned village women for this, without the need to travel outside the municipality. […]

A 62-year-old mother married a 26-year-old fresh meat! Eager to have a child, find a surrogate mother to give birth to the crystallization of love | International | CTWANT

A couple in Georgia (Georgia, USA) who are 37 years apart will give birth to the crystallization of love. They are currently considering adoption or surrogacy, and have negotiated with three surrogate mothers. (Photo/TikTok/@Queen cheryl) A pair of “grandmother and grandson love” couples in Georgia, USA, caused heated discussions on the Internet because of their […]