| Sanju Da … series for India A team

– Chennai: India A team won the ODI unofficial cricket series against New Zealand A team. India, led by Malaysian player Sanju Samson, won the series by winning the second consecutive ODI. Sanju welcomed winning the first series as captain. India won by four wickets in the second ODI. Beating first, New Zealand A scored […]

8 natural ways to remove tooth decay caused by tooth decay

Cavities are small holes in the teeth caused by tooth decay. Many home remedies can prevent this caries Or stop it before a cavity forms.The accumulation of food and bacteria forms a sticky film on the surface of the teeth and along the gumline and when a person eats, the bacteria produce and can lead […]

Lukas Enembe once again says he was sick from absence to be examined by KPK

Jakarta – Governor of Papua Luca Enembe Again, he reasoned that he was sick, so today he did not satisfy the call of the KPK. However, Lukas Enembe’s part did not explain his illness in detail. “We told the KPK last Friday that it is impossible to care for the sick,” Luke Enembe’s lawyer Aloysius […]

Thionville. The Portes de France ZACs are full

From one ZAC (concerted development zone) to another, throughout the Thionville territory, the situation is the same. “We are in a dynamic never seen before”, welcomes Pierre Cuny, president of the Portes de France-Thionville (CAPFT) urban community. On paper, thanks to the proximity to Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium, the attractiveness of northern Moselle and Thionville […]

5 diseases to watch out for during the rainy season

Bogordaily.net – When entering the rainy season, one thing to consider is the maintenance of health conditions. It is even recommended to strengthen immunity, do not let this disease attack you. As reported by the Times of India page, there are five diseases you need to be aware of during the rainy season: 1. Dengue […]

France towards the 2022 World Cup

Jakarta – French going to World Cup 2022 at a negative pace, instead of building positive momentum. Blues lucky enough not to be demoted UEFA Nations League A. France lost in their last game against Denmark in UEFA Nations League A. Goals from Kasper Dolberg and Andreas Skov Olsen ensured the 0-2 defeat of Kylian […]

Rihanna is returning

There are now plenty of indications that fans might be making their wish come true. On Sunday night, Rihanna posted an Instagram post showing her tattooed hand holding an American football with the NFL logo. Immediately, people commented that they think Rihanna will perform at next year’s Super Bowl finale, which is one of the […]

For the whole story, you have to beat Gotham Knights more often

This is what Wilson Mui and Geoff Ellenor of Warner Bros. Games Montreal in conversation with Play magazine (through Player). “Just to be clear, we actually made four stories,” says Mui. “Exactly,” Ellenor continues. “You won’t see everything once you finish the game. Simply because there is so much content that is unique to the […]