Finding gold bars when Lukas Enembe’s apartment was raided

Jakarta – KPK A total of three times he raided a number of locations linked to the Papuan governor’s corruption case Luca Enembe. Finally, the KPK raided Lukas Enembe’s residence in Papua. The third search was carried out by the investigation team on Wednesday (9/11/2022) in the apartment and home of Lukas Enembe. As a […]

Lukas Enembe examined by 2 Singaporean doctors, KPK says this

Jakarta – Papuan governor Luke Enembe he brought two doctors from Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore to check his health. So what is the KPK’s response? Head of news KPK Ali Fikri admitted that he had not received Luke’s exam results so far. However, according to Ali, Lukas’s medical examination should actually be done by […]

Attorney Luke’s statement on customary law damages Papuan values

Jakarta – KPK responds to the party’s statement Luca Enembe who argued that the Papuan people demanded that the Governor’s case be resolved using customary law. The KPK is concerned that this has an impact on the noble values ​​of the Papuan people themselves. “We are concerned that this counterproductive claim may actually undermine the […]

If my tension rises, I have a stroke, this is not a game

Jayapura – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe explained his health condition when he was greeted by the media crew on Saturday (10/01/2022). He explained that his health was deteriorating and that he could at any time stroke. “If I’m emotional, I want to get angry, the tension increases. So I can’t stand it,” said Lukas, quoted […]

Lukas Enembe’s medical team cannot respond to what is needed

Jakarta – KPK unveils Papua Governor’s medical team Luca Enembe unable to explain technical issues to them. This was revealed after Lukas Enembe’s representative provided medical documents to the parties KPK. “In the meantime, we have obtained the data of the medical documents from the person concerned,” KPK news chief Ali Fikri told reporters on […]

Jokowi asks Luke Enembe to respect KPK’s call

Jakarta – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) spoke about the alleged corruption case that trapped the governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe. Jokowi asked all parties to respect the legal process. “I think the legal process at the KPK must be respected. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law,” Jokowi told reporters at Halim Perdanakusuma […]

The KPK still summons Lukas Enembe even though he insists on being absent

Jakarta – KPK scheduled inspection Papuan governor Luke Enembe as suspected today. The KPK sent out a second call from last week. “Yes (the citation is on schedule). So far, it is as per the agenda as the citation we have sent and received from the suspect and his legal advisers,” KPK News Head Ali […]

Lukas Enembe once again says he was sick from absence to be examined by KPK

Jakarta – Governor of Papua Luca Enembe Again, he reasoned that he was sick, so today he did not satisfy the call of the KPK. However, Lukas Enembe’s part did not explain his illness in detail. “We told the KPK last Friday that it is impossible to care for the sick,” Luke Enembe’s lawyer Aloysius […]

The new chapter of Lukas Enembe after the revelation of the casino gambling video

Jakarta – Video evidence showing Papua Governor’s gambling activities Luca Enembe at the casino it was revealed. This matter has entered a new chapter. As is known, this case began to unfold when the Coordination Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs held it in its office, Jakarta, on Monday (19/9/2022). Coordinating Minister for Political, […]

The KPK finally opens its voice on the status of suspect Lukas Enembe

Jakarta – The Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (KPK) has finally opened its voice regarding the suspicious status of the Governor of Papua, Luca Enembe. The KPK had previously chosen to remain silent even though news of the suspect’s determination had been relayed by Luke’s attorney. “We have already said that we cannot hide […]