“Enzo Fernandez’s Struggle at Chelsea: Lampard’s Concern and Future Role”

London – Enzo Fernandez moved to Chelsea after bringing Argentina to the championship World Cup 2022. The season was tarnished because The Blues look lousy. Enzo Fernandez was bought by Chelsea in January from Benfica for almost £107 million. The 22-year midfielder signed an 8.5 year contract to play at Stamford Bridge. But the beginning […]

Deschamps clarifies removal and Benzema reacts: «Liar» | MOREFOOTBALL

Didier Deschamps went public to reveal the contours of the controversial departure of Karim Benzema from the 2022 World Cup. In an interview with Le Parisien, the French coach guarantees that the Real Madrid striker did not have the physical conditions to compete in the competition. It should be remembered that Benzema arrived at the […]

Messi: The World Cup called for me, and I did not hesitate to answer the call

Buenos Aires (AFP) Argentine international Lionel Messi, who won the Qatar World Cup 2022, said that he felt that the World Cup “called me”, after he led his country to the third title in its history.“The World Cup called me, said come and take me, because now you can touch me. I saw her shining […]

US Celebrities Criticize Argentina National Team, Considered ‘Less Black’

Jakarta – The Argentina national team was praised after the championship World Cup 2022. At the same time, the praise was followed by criticism. The Tango Team squad is said to be “less black”. The praise and criticism came from Joe Budden, a former rapper who now exists as a US celebrity. He highlighted the […]

Al Habtoor: UAE clubs need real companies

Reda Saleem (Dubai) Khalaf Ahmed Al Habtoor, Chairman of the Al Habtoor Group, confirmed that the UAE champions are able to climb to the podiums, and they have high talent and superior capabilities, and what is required is to encourage and motivate them, give them the opportunity, and guide them in the required manner to […]