In Montauban, the Dess’Ingres festival outlines an ambitious first edition

the essential From May 18 to 21, Montauban puts drawing in the spotlight with the first edition of Dess’Ingres. The City dreamed big with nearly 80 meetings over four days. Nicknamed “Cité d’Ingres” in reference to the native painter of the city, Montauban had to offer a strong meeting, in connection with the favorite field […]

Hertha was able to win in Hamburg, staying inside the Bundeslig

Hertha BSC, who finished 16th in the Bundesliga tonight, won the second division 2-0 in third place in the Hamburg home, with the Berlin team remaining in the line-up 2-1, as the Hamburg team You can start your second season in Bundesliga 2. In the Bundeslig, the remaining 15th place went to drama. Hertha BSC […]

WhatsApp will stop working on more than 50 cell phones; see which

More than 50 cell phones that were once cutting-edge technology will stop running WhatsApp as of October 24 this year. Between them, are the iPhones 5 and 5C, two of the most modern smartphones for exactly 10 years. The information is from the WABetainfo website. According to the publication, iOS 10 and iOS 11 operating […]

Panoramic Roof HR-V How come it opens and closes manually? This is Honda’s answer

Jakarta – One of the big questions that arose shortly after Honda released the All New HR-V 2022 was about the panoramic roof. The cover (sun shade) of this panoramic roof is opened and closed manually, experiencing a ‘setback’ when compared to the previous version. The All New Honda HR-V was released in Indonesia in […]

Magic Mushrooms, Ketamine and Charcoal: Psychedelic Drugs in Davos Culture

Von Andrian Create It was a long way from the hippie communes of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood to the Psychedelic House of Davos. Of course, this week’s World Summit of Class Enemies isn’t about replacing the champagne bars with a trip hut. As always, there in the Swiss mountains it’s about money with a lot […]

Éric Zemmour’s party will strengthen security for the legislative campaign

The Reconquest party! “continues the campaign” but strengthens the security device around its candidates, after the aggression this weekend of Ambrine Mohamed, targeted twice in two days in Étaules and Darois (Côte-d’Or). On Saturday, during a towing session at the Étaules market (north of Dijon), Ambrine Mohamed was sprayed with flour and water by two […]