Panoramic Roof HR-V How come it opens and closes manually? This is Honda’s answer


One of the big questions that arose shortly after Honda released the All New HR-V 2022 was about the panoramic roof. The cover (sun shade) of this panoramic roof is opened and closed manually, experiencing a ‘setback’ when compared to the previous version.

The All New Honda HR-V was released in Indonesia in March 2022. Honda provided a major update to its compact SUV, with many upgrades provided plus significant exterior changes.

However, questions arise regarding the panoramic glass roof found in the SE and RS types. To note, the glass roof of the panoramic sunroof cannot be opened. Only the cover (sun shade) in the cabin can be attached and removed. The problem is, this sun-shade is made manually.

The panoramic roof cover (sun shade) on the Honda HR-V is opened by sliding it on the front. While in the passenger seat, the cover must be removed using 4 locking points. For the rear panoramic roof cover, after removing it, it should be stored in the trunk because it is quite large.

What is the reason Honda does not provide an automatic sun shade on the All New HR-V?

Panoramic Sunroof Honda HR-V Photo: Doni Wahyudi/detikoto

Yoshitomo Ihashi, Large Project Leader of the All New Honda HR-V Honda Motor CoLtd, explained that the use of a manual panoramic roof as installed on the Honda HR-V is to maximize the passenger’s view. The problem is that the use of an automatic panoramic roof will make its size smaller because it requires a place for the automatic mechanism.

“Technologically, there is actually no problem if you want to make it electric. We have a wider concept (sunroof) so that customers can enjoy the view more,” said Yoshitomo at the Honda HR-V Test Drive event at the Mandalika Circuit.

“If it is made electric, it requires space for the installation of the sunroof. It only requires space for the rails. In order to see a wider view, it was finally removed, he continued through a video conference connection at the Mandalika Circuit.

“Why is there still a sun shade? According to a market survey, there is a situation where a sun shade is needed so that it is not visible to others, for example a truck driver on a toll road with a high vantage point so they can see into the car. So this is for privacy,” he concluded.

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