Hertha was able to win in Hamburg, staying inside the Bundeslig

Hertha BSC, who finished 16th in the Bundesliga tonight, won the second division 2-0 in third place in the Hamburg home, with the Berlin team remaining in the line-up 2-1, as the Hamburg team You can start your second season in Bundesliga 2.

In the Bundeslig, the remaining 15th place went to drama. Hertha BSC could have secured a place in the line with a score in the Dortmund home, but BVB turned the match in the hair and won 2-1. At that time, the Berliners could have won, but Stuttgart won the victory against the Kln in the 92nd minute, better ahead of the Fvrosians, who were forced into the division. The Berliners must take the line tag in the third-place fight against Hamburg. However, Felix Magath’s team lost 1-0 in the last quarter in Berlin, allowing Hamburg to win back home.

On May 12, 2018, he stopped at the Hamburg Stadium, which showed the time spent in the division.Forrs: AFP/Axel Heimken

The team was also extremely important to the outing team, as HSV is a member of the Bundesliga. Hamburg dropped out of the Bundesliga at the end of the 2017/18 season, 55 years after the start of the tournament. Hamburg finished fourth in the second place three times in the 2018 bc, twice a point behind the third division.

“Now HSV has something to lose, we can only win” said the 68-year-old, who played for Hamburg between 1976 and 1986 and won a BEK with the team in 1982 in addition to the chrome championship.

With Dedryck Boyata early, Hertha finished the coldForrs: dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP/Christian Charisius

The Berlin team quickly set the tone for the match as they took the lead in the fourth minute. Marvin Plattenhardt exploded into the left corner by Belgian winger Dedryck Boyata, st mterrl headed to the left.

Hertha continued to lead the match, with Hamburg playing football completely harmlessly. In the 26th minute, the Berlin team could have increased the advantage, Boyata was in a position after a corner turmoil, but he missed the dripping ball.

In the 31st minute, a big Hertha situation was missed. The Frenchman Lucas Tousart got a great goal in the sixteen, he hit the left side of the goal with great force, but he was able to defend the goalkeeper Heuer Fernandes. The players were able to march in loudfire.

The first flide had a hard interior on both sidesSource: AFP / Ronny Hartmann

Hamburg started the second flush more actively, threatening Moritz Heyer with an 18-meter bomb in the 50th minute, but Hertha goalkeeper Oliver Christensen took a shot to the bottom right corner.

In the continuation, however, Hamburg barely stopped the run, the next situation had to wait until the 61st minute. Bakery Jatta came in from the left and managed to score for the left side, but the keeper deflected Robert Glatzel’s shot.

Marvin Plattenhardt was Hertha’s key man in the classificationSource: AFP / Ronny Hartmann

Hertha then gained an advantage with a defensive goal. Marvin Plattenhardt’s free kick went wide, but the ball went wide.

On the second glove, Hamburg was completely out, and Hertha could have started the match with a counter in the 74th minute. Stevan Joveti got a great bounce, a one-on-one goal, but instead of bell lvs in the sixteen, Fernandes found the Montenegrin tmad tadst, who could have started the fight as well.

In the hair, Hamburg did its best, but was unable to create serious situations at the gates of his fire-fighting Berlin team, so the result did not change. With this victory, Hertha BSC has remained in the Bundeslig and Hamburg will start the next season in the second division as well.

Bundesliga, Division, 2nd round
Hamburger SV-Hertha BSC 0-2 (0-1)
Glszerzk: Boyata (4.),Plattenhardt (63.)
Killtva:Tousart (90+6.)
The fight was won by Hertha with a 2-1 win.

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