Bruce Willis Retired, The Die Hard Now Fallen by Afasia

Jakarta – Die Hard star Bruce Willis has decided to retire from acting. This is because of his health problems. The news was conveyed by Rumer Willis, Bruce’s daughter, through an Instagram account. In the post, he revealed that his father was suffering from aphasia that interfered with his cognitive abilities. “To Bruce’s incredible supporters, […]

Longo Group bonds are included in the Baltic First North market

As of today, March 31, AS “, the leading used car dealer in the Baltics,Long Group“bonds are listed on a stock exchange”Nasdaq Riga Baltic First North “bond list, the company’s representatives inform. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The amount of the issue is three million euros and the maturity date is November 30, […]

NYPD Seeks Man Responsible for Point-Blank Execution in Queens – NBC New York

What you should know Police are searching for a gunman who they say shot a 26-year-old man multiple times at point-blank range outside a Queens home over the weekend, killing him in an apparent execution caught on camera, authorities say. . The victim, identified as Peter Panthier of Brooklyn, was struck in the left side […]

The latest information on the war in Ukraine on April 1

Live text – short and concise on the highlights of Russia’s war in Ukraine on April 1. For the second month in a row, Ukraine is heroically defending its land. 00.31. Traffic on the Kiev-Zhytomyr highway, which was blocked as a result of the Russian invasion, may be resumed in the near future, reports. […]

The CUF unlocks 3 acts of notoriety in Chiconi

In Mayotte, many inhabitants occupy land purchased by their ancestors and titled in joint ownership. But to obtain a building permit or a mortgage there, you need a title deed in their name. For many years they were blocked. But with the advent of the Land Emergency Commission (CUF), they can now hope to obtain […]

alarm warnings, aurora borealis… what are the consequences?

A solar storm is expected to hit Earth on Thursday, March 31. In question: Sunspots known to astronomers by the code name AR2975 (AR for Active Region) have erupted multiple times. Between the polar air and the solar storm. On Monday, March 28, 2022, the sunspots known to astronomers by the code name AR2975 (AR […]

News from the region – Torgauer Zeitung

TORGAU The old cinema at Friedrichplatz is an eyesore. It should therefore be covered for the State Garden Show. more… TORGAU Torgau. Birgit Siegert and Jens Sembdner invite Ukrainian refugees for a round of coffee. The invitation was gratefully accepted more… NORTH SAXONY … read more about a special coffee round, about the commemoration of […]