alarm warnings, aurora borealis… what are the consequences?

A solar storm is expected to hit Earth on Thursday, March 31. In question: Sunspots known to astronomers by the code name AR2975 (AR for Active Region) have erupted multiple times.

Between the polar air and the solar storm. On Monday, March 28, 2022, the sunspots known to astronomers by the code name AR2975 (AR for Active Region) erupted multiple times. It was shaken by 17 explosions Class C and M, of medium intensity. But two or even three of them ejected coronal matter toward Earth, he warns. Future Science.

And according to information from NASA, transmitted by and diario geekSome of them head straight for the ground. The first eruption could occur as early as tomorrow, March 31. The second should arrive the next day, April 1.

NOAA’s latest model now predicts a “cannibalistic” CME (from (M1) CME sweeps (M4) CME) coming soon at 8:00 p.m. PST on Wednesday, March 30. The possible G3 moderate geomagnetic storm scenario is here. The same scenario that brought us back to the G3 in November. ud83c udf1e ud83d udca8 ud83d udca8 ud83c udf0e

— Jeff Knesebecku2600ufe0fud83dudca8ud83cudf0e (JeffreyK_WA) March 29, 2022

What will be the consequences on the ground?

The first discovery, pleasing to the eye: the northern lights, can be seen in regions further south than usual. It will be visible as far north as the UK and Denmark and as far south as Sweden.

Here’s a look at the CME that launched during today’s M4.0 solar flare. Although not as spectacular as we expected, we see a full, lopsided CME corona rising from the Sun. The plasma cloud is likely to reach Earth on March 31 and cause minor geomagnetic storm conditions.

– SpaceWeatherLive (_SpaceWeather_) March 28, 2022

The second result, this time less pleasant: in the electrical network. this Thursday, False alarms can sound suddenly. Satellite and low-frequency radionavigation systems can also be affected by this large and subtle projection of coronal material. Independent.

Are these facts serious?

The models estimate that we will face G2 and G3 solar storms; This corresponds to events of “moderate” severity. but there is However, there is nothing to worry about; While a severe solar storm can cause infrastructure problems, these moderate events are not not dangerous at allspecific geek magazine.

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