The CUF unlocks 3 acts of notoriety in Chiconi

In Mayotte, many inhabitants occupy land purchased by their ancestors and titled in joint ownership. But to obtain a building permit or a mortgage there, you need a title deed in their name. For many years they were blocked. But with the advent of the Land Emergency Commission (CUF), they can now hope to obtain a title deed.

It is a symbolic moment for the municipality of Chiconi. The first 3 acts of notoriety were issued yesterday by the Land Emergency Commission (CUF). In a town where 75% of homes are affected by problems of land regularization. This long-term work has been marked by the collaboration between the services of the town hall of Chiconi and the CUF since 2019. To mark the occasion, a ceremony was organized at the town hall. He’s been waiting for this moment all his life. Hanafi Soufou can now sleep soundly. With this document he no longer has to fear that another will come and take his land.

I am very happy. People should know that this land belongs to me now. With this regularization, no one will be able to despoil me.

Hanafi Soufou, resident of Chiconi

In the commune of Chiconi, it is the very first to receive its act of notoriety and the town hall wants to mark the occasion. Even Bertheline Monteilh, the president of the land emergency commission, is there live from France.

It is a question of demonstrating that it was not a stupid step. It is a question of settling once and for all the land problem and demonstrating that the first 3 people will be able to obtain their title deed and that others will come shortly.

Mohamadi Madi Ousseni, mayor of Chiconi

Mohamdi Madi Ousseni, mayor of Chiconi, intends to speed up the issuance of notoriety certificates in his town.

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Show that land regularization is possible even in Chiconi. A municipality where 75% of homes and public infrastructure are built on two private plots. For the time being, only 400 people have started the process. All live in the title called Abassi Miradji. The area known as the poor quarter is one of them. 72 hectares on which Hanafi’s house is located. Sound The family has been living here since the 80s after Cyclone Kamissi. Today the accommodation belongs to his daughter who has left for France. After 3 years of process His legacy is secure.

This place, I inherited it from my mother. after he died, my uncle told me to build my house here. Since the land belongs to me, I built this house.

Hanafi Soufou, resident of Chiconi

The most complicated thing was to prove that he had occupied the premises for more than 30 years. An approach that would not have been possible without the help of the services of the town hall.

The hardest part was justifying their occupation. Some do not have a document. Some have invoices that date back years. Those who anoint nothing at all, they had to be summoned and heard.

Anli Madi Mchindra, agent of the town hall of Chiconi in the land service

The other difficulty was at the level of the law. It was lifted only at the beginning of the year.

It took a lot of work to make the texts evolve. The law of February 21, 2022 makes it possible to take into account the period of possession prior to January 1, 2008 to calculate the 30-year period.

Ségolène de Bretagne, director of the CUF

The regularization of the 2 title deeds which include Chiconi will make it possible to unblock many projects, in particular the construction of public infrastructures. Indeed, now without title deeds, it is impossible for municipalities to benefit from subsidies.

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