Cristiano Ronaldo adds a new millionaire car to his collection and goes viral

Without a doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to give something to talk about in the sports world and in his private life. And it is that the Portuguese footballer is doing an excellent role in his return with him Manchester United. Nevertheless, CR7 Not only has he increased his scoring streak, but so have the cars […]

Virus: Ministry of Health issues instructions on screening tests

On September 30, the Ministry of Health sent an urgent document numbered 8228 to ministries, agencies and government bodies, as well as to provincial-level People’s Committees, regarding instructions on COVID-19 testing for production and commercial establishments. >> Hanoi firmly committed to the fight against the pandemic >> Ho Chi Minh City receives 4 million test […]

Instagram Reels feature now available on Facebook

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Facebook Announcement functions Roles Instagram can already be enjoyed via the social media application, both on devices with iOS and Android operating systems. However, this feature is currently only available to Facebook users in the United States. “Today we’re launching Reels on Facebook for iOS and Android in the US. We’re […]

Antarctica: New York City iceberg threatens British research station

As big as the “Big Apple”. An iceberg the size of New York has broken off from Antarctica, not far from a British research station that has long feared events of this nature in the area. The block of ice, which is nearly 1,270 square kilometers, broke away from the rest of the pack ice […]

How “sinful” Sodom was cremated

Sodom, the biblical “city of sin,” was one of the most impressive metropolises in the region 3,600 years ago. But it is not God’s wrath that incinerates him. Scientists claim to have discovered the real cause of the end of the mighty city. Photo of an engraving by John Martin (c. 1836) of the biblical […]

They will ask for a COVID vaccination card to enter Los Santos and Barichara

The official explained that “people who want to enter must present their card and for those who have not yet been vaccinated, there will be enough vaccination points to apply them.” Villamizar Suárez indicated that in the case of Los Santos, the checkpoint will be located at the La Mesa tollbooth and in Barichara it […]

X-rays solve an old mystery of Mystic Lamb: “With the … (Ghent)

© FRED DEBROCK Gent – Hubert or Jan? Which of the Van Eyck brothers painted what? It is one of the questions about the Ghent Altarpiece that has long puzzled art historians. Hélène Verougstraete and Wim Verbaal, two professors, are closer to an answer after meticulous examination of a damaged piece of text on the […]

Wall Street ends the third quarter with a fall

Nasdaq Composite ended with a fall of 0.43 percent to 14,689.62. Dow Jones fell by 1.59 percent to 33,843.33. The benchmark index S&P 500 fell by 1.19 percent today to 4,307.44, and is down 4.8% in September. The index has had its worst monthly loss since March 2020. Despite the fall in the past month, […]