Briatore writes a letter to Gregoraci

Big Brother Vip, live seventh episode: Adua and its truths. Patrizia De Blanck at risk. Briatore goes back to writing. Also this evening during the direct that we will follow as always minute by minute on there is so much meat on the fire. BIG BROTHER VIP, THE LIVE OF THE SEVENTH EPISODE ON […]

IPhone 12 phones surpass iPhone 11 with these features

The iPhone 11 phones are the best phones produced by Apple so far, but according to most of the evaluators and reviewers of the phones they are the best smartphones at all, as phones are characterized by very strong performance due to their A13 Bionic processors, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max contains the best […]

Reggio Calabria, the Ministry excludes Klaus Davi from the count of the Municipal Councilors: one more seat for Falcomatà, but it could be a mistake [DETTAGLI]

5 October 2020 21:24 Reggio Calabria, the distribution of seats in Eligendo (the official website of the Ministry of the Interior) excludes Klaus Davi from the municipal council: one more seat for Falcomatà. But it could be a mistake According to the distribution of seats officially provided by Eligendo (the official website of the Ministry […]

Montauban. Charlotte Fromantin golden shoe

the essential Insatiable! The superb season for the girls of the Montauban football club also propelled her goalscorer to the front of the stage. Who takes the opportunity to strike a few pikes … She never leaves the piece of the pie to her adversaries; and it’s a very great (unfinished) season that Charlotte Fromantin […]

Donald Trump says he will soon be leaving the hospital

US President Donald Trump has announced that he can leave the hospital in a few hours. He announced this on Twitter. – ‘I’m feeling good. Don’t be afraid of covid-19. Don’t let it dominate your life. I feel better than twenty years ago, ‘the American president writes on Twitter. In his message he says that […]

6 drugs to keep at home in view of a possible lockdown

Our home is our fortress. It is a place to feel protected and safe. We dedicate a lot of energy to furnish it and keep it in order. But when something unexpected happens to us, we are not always ready to remedy it. Indeed, how many times has it happened that with a sudden attack […]

The first viewing of Chateau Marillaux ends in a catastrophe

The flamboyant lord of the castle wants the chateau to be spic and span for the prospective buyer and that is why the Meilandjes still have to work hard. Fortunately, the family does not have to do it alone and Nadège jumps Bee. But the pursuit of perfection does not go well with the fact […]

Hot Pursuit was compared to the original, and the result is depressing

Today’s a leak didn’t lie: Electronic Arts really announced Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, which is being developed by two studios – Criterion Games and Stellar Entertainment. Meanwhile, the author of the YouTube channel Crowned seized the moment and promptly released a video comparing the original and the remaster. As it turned out, the […]