Happy birthday Stefania! – Big Brother VIP

The house is in great turmoil, on the other hand, the time has come to celebrate one of the absolute protagonists of this edition of Big Brother Vip: Stefania Orlando. Beautiful, sensitive and with a strong and decisive character, she entered the hearts of her adventure companions who feel a true and authentic affection for […]

Dayane is immune to Nominations – Big Brother VIP

Tonight, through a very particular method, the VIP immune from the next Nominations will be chosen, which will begin shortly. Alfonso asks all the veterans of the group to join the SuperLed and the newcomers remain in the living room: Cecilia, Zeng, Carlotta e Mario. Alfono asks the veterans to form couples. The VIPs have […]

Pierapaolo Pretelli and Giulia Salemi: ever closer – Big Brother VIP

What is being born between Pierapaolo e Giulia it is a very special feeling that makes them inseparable day after day. Their friendship was born immediately, a few days after Giulia’s entry into the House, and this sudden interest on the part of Pierpaolo in the beautiful influncer has repeatedly been a cause of conflict […]

“Big Brother Vip”, no one eliminated and four in nominations

Alfonso Signorini in the studio immediately launches an anticipation: next Friday four new Vippos will enter. The episode begins with the three vipponi on televoting closed in the super led. The one between Dayane, Maria Teresa and Pierpaolo is a challenge between three big pieces of the program. MEETING ELISABETTA-PIERPAOLO – During the last episode […]

Dayane Mello: “It’s easy to point the finger” – Big Brother VIP

Between Dayane and Elisabetta, coexistence is becoming very difficult and every reason is valid for arguing. This morning, for example, the two tenants clashed because they disagreed about the air conditioning in the rooms. Dayane blamed Elizabeth for continually requesting hot air from the GF when she would rather sleep in a cooler environment. Elisabetta […]

An unexpected message for Dayane – Big Brother VIP

Dayane is undoubtedly a multi-faceted competitor. An exuberant character that often led her to clashes with many tenants of the House. The last, with Elisabetta Gregoraci who seems to have just lost patience with the model. The only relationship that you have never undergone changes is the one with Rosalinda with whom he has established […]

GF Vip: Briatore’s important initiative, the isolated Gregoraci

As published and stated by Flavio Briatore on the drama of neglect and neglect that occurred a Done, the center of Nuoro so tragically marked by bad weather, there is no declaration of intent left. The entrepreneur and former manager of Formula One has decided to make its support concrete by publicly promoting a fundraiser […]

A misunderstanding puts the orange room in crisis – Big Brother VIP

The clarification that involves Elisabetta, Pierpaolo Enock e Andrea continues after dinner, Enock approaches Elisabetta and go back to the topic “I understood that yours was a joke towards me from the words of Francesco” she says trying to apologize but the roommate looks rather disappointed and “Let’s do that I misunderstood”. The contestant then […]

“I feel suffocated, I have to go out.” The others intervene

Gf Vip, Enock: «I feel suffocated, I have to go out». The others intervene. These are heavy days for Mario Balotelli’s brother. Ever since he learned of the extension of the program, Enock is having a difficult time, undecided whether to stay or leave. This afternoon, however, things seemed to have precipitated. Read also> Said […]