Armin Laschet on the corona exit: “As popular as never before”

WORLD: Mr. Laschet, are we building a redistribution and nationalization republic here with the spending of tens of billions? Armin Laschet: If the state almost completely paralyzes public and economic life due to a pandemic, then the state must also have concepts to start it up again. And now it is important to keep the […]

1 million masks imported from China deemed non-compliant

The Canadian government said Friday that about one million KN95 masks imported from China did not meet its standards and could not be distributed to health workers mobilized against the coronavirus. The Public Health Agency of Canada “Identified about a million KN95 masks that do not meet government specifications,” a spokesman for the health ministry […]

Peter Safar the man who has saved the most lives?

Intensive care units, key strongholds in the battle against coronavirus, they owe their existence to different health professionals around the world who, in the mid-20th century, established the idea that, in order to save the lives of critically ill patients, a surveillance and intensive and specialized care. One of them was the anesthesiologist doctor Peter […]

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update: Overview of new residents and features

ofJonas Dirkes – shut down – There is a new free update to Animal Crosssung New Horizons. With the patch there are many innovations but also new visitors and features. Kyoto, Japan – Animal Crossing New Horizons gets on April 23 a free Update donated. Nintendo laces for player a full package, with various innovations […]

Recipe for Ikeas Köttbullar: Make meatballs yourself

RADEK MICA / AFP — 1/4 For many it is the highlight of a visit to Ikea: the so-called Köttbullar in the restaurant of the Swedish furniture chain. —- RADEK MICA / AFP — 2/4 Because of the corona virus, meatball lovers now have to do without the delicacies. But Ikea responds to the crisis […]

Notepad: Macron, weakened, isolates himself in a dead end

The political spectacle staged by Emmanuel Macron lets see its falsehoods. In wanting to seduce left and right, the president becomes confused and stiffens. His “complex” thinking is a sham. It’s this masquerade that Nicolas Hulot denounced Tuesday on France Inter, by improvising his resignation from the Ministry of the Ecological Transition. “I don’t want […]

Local Crafts Orders Rhine-Main

ofPetra draftsman – shut down – The district of Darmstadt-Dieburg awards many small jobs to schools. Whether repairing playground equipment, renovating a classroom, renewing lighting or cleaning gutters – the caretakers of the Da-Di-Werk, the in-house building and environmental management of the Darmstadt-Dieburg district, already have around 70 small orders to local craftsmen at over […]

Petrol stations and rest areas (updated) where carriers are served

The provincial associations belonging to FETRANSA are compiling the points where the carriers are being served. A few days ago, the Spanish Federation of Discretionary Freight Transport ( FETRANSA) publicly denounced that it was being breaching the order issued by the Ministry of Transport that both gas stations and loading and unloading centers should facilitate […]

School opening: questions & answers

AUSTRIA answers the most important questions about the timetable for the school opening. AUSTRIA answers the most important questions about the timetable for the school opening. 1. How does »shift operation« work? On May 18, the 700,000 pupils will return to classes at elementary schools, lower secondary schools, NMS and special schools. For them – […]

Corona crisis: what makes a second wave so dangerous

The Chancellor’s warning was impressive. “We mustn’t weigh ourselves a second in safety,” Angela Merkel explained on Monday. In Germany, the first easing came into force after weeks of restrictions in the corona crisis. “It would be a shame if we had a relapse of sight,” said Merkel. – The country is currently trying to […]