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Munich (ots)

The Düsseldorfer EG wins in the overtime with 2: 1 at the Grizzlys Wolfsburg. It was the 4th extension for Daniel Fischbuch’s team. After the game he appealed: “We have to come home with three points.” Thanks to “brutal goalkeepers”, Iserlohn wins 6: 5 against Cologne and takes the lead in the northern group. According to James Sheppard, Cologne would have to be “only 1% better” in the future to win again. Krefeld finally wants its first victory today from 6.15 p.m. in Bremerhaven. Everyone thinks, says Krefeld’s Constantin Braun in the new podcast “The Ice Hockey Show”, “here comes the league’s shooting gallery. What we have: everyone marches. We just have to start scoring goals.”

The following are the most important statements from the Wednesday games in the PENNY DEL – if you use them, please name the source MagentaSport. Tomorrow the Fischtown Pinguine Bremerhaven will receive the Krefeld Penguins (from 6.15 p.m.). At 8.15 p.m. there will be a duel between the Straubing Tigers and the Nürnberg Ice Tigers – all games can be seen live on MagentaSport.

The podcast “The Ice Hockey Show” is new again – Rick Goldmann, Sascha Bandermann and Basti Schwele discuss trends – currently hairstyles are also part of it! Is that why the episode is called “Hockey Hair, don’t care!”? Bandermann, Schwele and Goldmann also discuss their special interim balance sheet for a season that includes a new rhythm, difficult-to-influence factors, and poses specific challenges for players and coaches. The trio states: Ice hockey is currently reinventing itself!

Everything new for that Guest Constantin Braun, which was not renewed after 15 years in Berlin, changed from the permanent title favorite to “Chaos” in Krefeld. “They took a lot of stuff with them from last season because there wasn’t enough time to clean up,” says Braun. “Everything is now running smoothly. The money comes on time, the training facilities are good – they work well.” Regarding the winless series after 6 games without a point: “The nice thing about ice hockey is – we play so often, at some point we also win!” Only a few “screws” would have to be turned, then “we are also dangerous for everyone in the league.” Everyone thinks, “here comes the league’s shooting gallery. What we have: everyone marches. We just have to start scoring goals.”

Another trend – the increase in the stakes of the young players in the PENNY DEL. Therefore fits JJ Peterka from EHC Red Bull Munich into the show – the 19-year-old had a turbulent time with the stations Munich – Salzburg, the NHL draft, the U20 World Cup and back to Munich – where does Peterka see herself in the near future?

Here is the link to the podcast: https://dieeishockeyshow.podigee.io/77-neue-episode

The voices from Wednesday evening

Iserlohn Roosters – Kölner Haie 6: 5

Iserlohns Julian Lautenschlager: “We got into the game well and worked hard in the corners. We kept it simple and made good decisions. In the second period we took our foot off the accelerator a little and then Cologne came up again. It was close in the end , but with Andi (Jenike) we have a brutal goalkeeper in there and that’s why we kept the three points here. ”

Cologne’s James Sheppard: “It was similar to the last two. We played well, but couldn’t win. We’re still happy with our performance … In the next few games we have to play the same way and be only 1% better. As soon as we get there, it’s okay it forward. ”

Cologne’s Jan-Luca Sennhenn after the second third: “In 5 against 5 we actually do a good job. But we take too many penalties and the Iserlohners are consistent and then just score their goals.”

Iserlohns Marko Friedrich in the first third break: “All in all, it was a good first third of us. We had our problems at the beginning. Cologne came out of the dressing room with a lot of steam, but we survived it well.”

Grizzlys Wolfsburg – Düsseldorfer EG 1: 2 OT

Wolfsburg’s Sebastian Furchner in his analysis: “I think we have had phases in between in which we did not follow our plan. When we did it, we could really put a lot of pressure on. But we just didn’t do it for more than 60 minutes … We have to stick together and work together as a group. Then success will come. ”

Düsseldorf’s winning goal scorer Daniel Fischbuch: “Fortunately we were able to take the second point with us today. We now have to work on coming home with three points … Both could have won, but we had the happier end.”

Düsseldorf’s Alexander Karachun in the second break: “Wolfsburg made a strong comeback and in the end took over the momentum from us. We have to see that we can get together again and get started like in the first third.”

Wolfsburgs Mathis Olimb after the first third: “It was an even third with chances on both sides. Düsseldorf played a little harder. We have to counter it more and make better decisions.”

Die PENNY DEL Live bei MagentaSport:

Thursday, January 14th, 2021

From 6.15 p.m .: Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven – Krefeld Pinguine

From 8.15 p.m .: Straubing Tigers – Nürnberg Ice Tigers

Friday, January 15th, 2021

From 6.15 p.m .: Grizzlys Wolfsburg – Iserlohn Roosters

From 8.15 p.m .: Augsburger Panther – ERC Ingolstadt

Saturday, January 16, 2021

From 5.15 pm: Schwenninger Wild Wings – EHC Red Bull Munich

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

From 2.15 p.m .: Nuremberg Ice Tigers – Adler Mannheim

From 4.45 p.m .: Krefeld Penguins – Eisbären Berlin

From 7.15 p.m .: Kölner Haie – Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven

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