President of the Philippines Praise the Chinese vaccine good because the Chinese are smart. Even though the universal has not accepted

The Philippines approved the Pfizer Biotech vaccine after President Duterte praised the quality of the Chinese vaccine as well as Western vaccines.

President Rodrigo Duterte (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

On January 14, 2021, the news agency South China Morning Post The Philippines reportedly approved Pfizer Biontec’s vaccine, with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Has defended criticism of vaccines made in China That is not as effective as a vaccine from the West. By reasoning that “Chinese people are not short of brains”

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration said. On Thursday (14 Jan) that it had approved the emergency use of the Pfizerbion Tech vaccine. Which Pfizerbion Tech vaccine It has an efficacy rate of 95 percent and is the first vaccine that the Philippines has approved for use in the country.

Movement in approving Pfizerbion Tech vaccine It comes just a day after Rodrigo Duterte defended the vaccine from a Chinese manufacturer. It was during the government’s decision to purchase a vaccine against COVID-19. China-made, Duterte said the vaccine from China was as good as the vaccines developed by Americans and Europeans.

“The Chinese people are not without brains. The Chinese are smart They will not invest In vaccine production If it’s absolutely not safe, “Duterte said in a late-night television speech on Wednesday (Jan. 13).


While the prevention of the COVID-19 vaccine is being questioned around the world, It is in the experimental stage of China‘s Sinovac Biotech, also known as CoronaVac, revealed the results of the trial after research in Brazil. By the said study Have disclosed the final clinical data That represents a lower efficiency That had been announced in the first place

Francis Pangilinan, Senator Of the Philippines It was one of those urging the government to drop the Sinovac vaccine purchase, with the Philippines controlling 25 million doses of the vaccine, with the first 50,000 doses expected to arrive in February.

Carlito Galvez, former lord of the Armed Forces of the Philippines The government, who is responsible for purchasing the vaccine, said the government had entered into a purchase agreement with Novovax, Modernna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & John. Nson And the Russian Institute of Kamalaya, 137 million doses in total and 40 million doses in the Philippines. It will be obtained through the World Health Organization’s Cowax Project in the first quarter.

The Philippines is one of the countries with COVID-19 cases. Most in Asia But there is still an injection to cover the proportion of the population following neighboring countries. The Philippine government estimates that by 2021, 70 million people will be vaccinated, or two-thirds of the total population.

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