Request for investigation of “Nam In-soon, please confirm the charges for defamation”… Prosecutors “contemplating investigation”

In-soon Nam, a member of the Democratic Party. News 1

A case requested by a civic group against the Democratic Party lawmaker Nam In-soon and Kim Young-soon, a permanent representative of the Korean Women’s Organizations Association, who are suspected of leaking the facts of the sexual harassment accusation by the former mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, was filed with the second criminal division of the Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office (Deputy Chief Im Jong-pil). The second part of the detective is the department that previously investigated the leak of the former mayor’s lawsuit.

On the 1st, a civic group judicial exam preparation group (Sa Jun-mo) requested through the National Newspaper to investigate whether Congressman Nam and CEO Kim leaked the accusation to Mayor Park to investigate whether the sexual harassment victim’s reputation was damaged.

Earlier, the prosecution announced the results of the investigation that the facts of the sexual harassment accusation by Mayor Park flowed through officials from women’s organizations such as CEO Kim. In this process, Rep. Nam asked Seoul Gender News Agency Im Soon-young, “Is there anything wrong with Mayor Park?” It turned out to be a question, and it was controversial.

It is known that the prosecution is reviewing whether it meets the requirements for defamation by filing the case, and is also considering whether to transfer the case to another prosecutor’s office, taking into account the residence of the accused.

Reporter Eunbin Kim [email protected]

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