ZOH ONLINE: The Czech team parade in Beijing. The Olympic flame is burning, the games have begun

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The Olympic competitions started on Wednesday, but it was not until Friday at 1 pm CET that the opening ceremony began in Bird’s Nest.

As the 68th in a row, the Czech team entered the stadium between the representatives of Haiti and the Philippines. The flag was carried by figure skater Michal Březina and hockey team captain Alena Mills. The parade of more than ninety participating countries traditionally began with the Greeks, where the Olympic Games originated. The arrival was closed by the native Chinese.

Despite the controversy, some world politicians attended the opening ceremony. Among the foreign guests who came to the opening ceremony were, for example, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Egyptian President Abdal Fattah Sisi, his Polish colleague Andrzej Duda or Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the AFP agency reported.

They saw a program shortened to a hundred minutes, in which three thousand performers took part, which is a fifth compared to 2008. The vast majority of them were teenagers.

Photo: Eloisa Lopez, Reuters

Tomas and Zuzana Paul at the Olympic tournament in the match against Sweden.Photo: Eloisa Lopez, Reuters

However, the sports program also continued on Friday. The couple Zuzana and Tomáš Paul again intervened in the fight, this time in the tournament of mixed pairs in curling they lost to Stefania Constantini and Amos Mosaner from Italy 2:10 prematurely after the sixth end out of eight. The Czechs have two wins and two defeats so far.

Czech figure skaters are eighth after the first day of the team competition at the Beijing Olympics. As expected, they are a long way from advancing to the final five.

Michal Březina finished seventh in the short program. Dance couple Natálie Taschlerová, Filip Taschler subsequently finished sixth and sports duo Jelizaveta Žuková and Martin Bidař won 8th place in the short program. The Czech national team ranks 8th in the standings with 12 points. They lead the USA (28 points), ahead of Russia (26) and China (21).

Beijing Olympic Games 2022
List of events for Friday, February 4
13:00 Opening Ceremony XXIV. winter olympics.
Mixed pairs – basic group
CR – Italy 2:10
Hockey – Women:
Group A:
Russia – Switzerland 5: 2 (2: 1, 2: 1, 1: 0)
Goals: 18., 38. and 42. Bolgareva, 6. Dobrodějevová, 31. Šibanovová – 18. Stalderová, 27. Müllerová.
Group B:
China – Denmark 3: 1 (0: 1, 1: 0, 2: 0)
Goals: 37th and 60th L. Lum, 60th Llanes – 9th Frandsen.
Figure Skating – Teams:
Men – short program:
1. Chen (USA) 111,71 b
2. One (Jap.) 105.46
3. Kondraťuk (Rus.) 95.81
… 7. Březina (CZE) 76.77.
Sports couple – short program:
1. Suej Weijin, Chan Chung (China) 82.83
2. Misinova, Galljamov (Russian) 82.64
3. Knierimová, Frazier (USA) 75,00
… 8. Žuková, Bidař (Czech Republic) 56.70
Dancing couples – rhythmic dance:
1. Hubbellová, Donohue (USA) 86,56
2. Sinicinová, Kacalapov (Rus.) 85,05
3. Guignardová, Fabbri (It.) 83.83
6. Taschlerová, Taschler (CZE) 68.99
Running order:
1. USA 28 points
2. Russia 26
3. China 21
… 8. CR 12

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