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Czech TV presenter Jakub Železný apologized on Tuesday for stopping his car in an inappropriate place and subsequently getting into a verbal conflict with a police officer.

The incident happened a few months ago, the Prague Municipal Police published the edited recording on their social networks last week on Thursday.

According to the spokeswoman of the city police, Irena Seifertová, the intervening officer was on routine patrol, no one called him to the scene. “He walked by, noticed him and was doing his job,” she said.

In an interview for Seznam Zprávy, Jakub Železný explains what actually happened.

When did the whole incident take place?

I’m not sure, but it was a few months ago.

Police said it was late last year. So does that match?

City police, please, that’s a difference, I’m sorry. But yes, it is possible. It was definitely the turn of the year.

However, the city police did not publish the recording until Thursday last week. Do you not see a possible connection in this with your possible candidacy for the post of CEO of Czech Television?

Don’t be mad, I have no idea. I honestly don’t care at all. Let them publish what they see fit. Really do not know. I guess I don’t live in such a world and I don’t think in such constructions. I can think something about it, but I certainly won’t blame anyone for anything like that, not really. I wrote my statement on Twitter.

Does your apology also apply to the city police?

Don’t be angry, you don’t want me to explain what has already been explained. I wrote something, he apologized for his behavior. That’s the end of it for me.

I was honestly a bit taken aback when the spokeswoman wrote that I wrote somewhere that it was “purposefully” cut. I don’t use that word, I don’t know what it means. So she wasn’t telling the truth. Nowhere did I say it was edited on purpose. I said it was edited. She herself said it was edited. It’s edited.

And what happened in the beginning?

Don’t be mad, it’s in that tweet. I’m sorry, I don’t want to escalate this. That tweet says it very succinctly and clearly. The way the officer approached me is described in that tweet in one sentence. Only then did he turn on the recording, which they don’t deny either. And then what happened happened, and I apologized for it. Where is the problem?

Could you describe why you stopped at that location?

That’s what I wrote in that tweet too. I just received an email from Professor Martínek, who is a world expert in endoscopy (see box at the end of the article). He was terribly outraged and said to me: “I have now also forwarded you an e-mail, which you can use as you wish. I sent it to your director and the city police director.” Don’t be angry, I won’t say anything more about it.

One more little confusion. Some infer from the video that you refused to take a drug test. But the police say it was negative. How was the test?

“Huge Multitudes of the Honest”

From the video it looks like you left without the test.

And isn’t that a little bit of an answer? If we’re not going on the record, I can tell you what I’ve experienced with the city police over the past few years. Why the city police did this, how can I perceive it. But I don’t have any evidence for that at all, because I didn’t actually record the conversations, especially with some police officers, especially in Prague 1. But what I heard about them from their superiors really shocked me.

On the other hand, it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that there are a huge number of honest people among the police officers who put their necks on the line every day. And it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that I should have behaved differently and better. But do you think they would really let me go without the test? By doing so, they are showing something. By doing so, they themselves show that they somehow edited it. I don’t use the word “on purpose”, I say “somehow”.

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Have you had a bad experience with the city police?

As? Are you some sort of road pirate?

The city police do not deal with road pirates. The city police deal with small matters that may not be related to traffic at all. For example, when you ask a policeman for help in some really difficult life situation and he refuses you. And you know that this is the constable who is said to be in the district where you have lived all your life, that he is there a little out of patronage and that perhaps even his physical constitution is not quite such that he can help somewhere. You know that a person will then change his mind about contacting the city police and that he already has some perspective on them. Although I’m sorry and I’m sorry.

I repeat again: I also experienced great police officers who were very helpful. But maybe my experience with the state police is a hundred times better. But I say again: I should have – despite the situation – behaved differently here. I should have behaved better.

I should have handled the absolutely fatal life situation that arose at that moment better. I couldn’t handle her better. It’s my fault, I apologize for that too.

Statement by Professor Jan Martínek

I would like to write you my statement about the “affair” that appeared today on the Seznam news portal, where the unnamed CT employee does not behave in an exemplary manner and makes it difficult for the police officers who were solving a banal offense (improper parking).

I would just like to state the essential fact that the editor Železný, who is mentioned in the post, has been going through a difficult period in his life in recent months due to the incurable illness of his brother David. (I would like to add that the editor Jakub himself does not know about my email and did not initiate it in any way.) From the fall of 2022, together with other colleagues, I had David under my care and we tried to help, while it was a tragic lottery of God, when a relatively young a person with a family with small children becomes fatally ill, the diagnosis comes late, and you, as a doctor, only affect the soul, you take care of the symptoms, but you do not fundamentally delay or influence the tragic fate.

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It is very likely that the parking incident happened on the day, or sometime during the autumn or winter of last year, when I discussed the situation with Jakub and during tea in a cafe I told him an honest and probable prognosis of the development of the disease, i.e. nothing happy at all. Jakub then began to take steps to take care of his brother as much as possible, to be with him until the very end, to help his sister-in-law, and I think his thoughts were somewhere else all that time. I didn’t see it on TV when I was moderating, but it was clear that he and his brother have a very close relationship and that Jakub doesn’t really know how to deal with the given reality.

I understand what happened, I think there is no dispute that Jakub parked the wrong way and that he behaves inappropriately on the recording, but I don’t know what preceded the recording, but I know that a person who learns the terrible truth can dial even a small detail. And coming to terms with this fact is not at all easy and takes not minutes or hours, but months or years.

Therefore, I would like you to take this into account and feel free to use my letter wherever necessary, as long as the situation is described objectively and with everything. I can’t imagine Mr. Jakub reacting like this under normal circumstances. And I think that at that moment the intervening police officers could not have had any awareness of his difficult situation.

Prof. MUDr. Jan Martínek, PhD., AGAF

Clinic of hepatogastroenterology IKEM

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