Danone Indonesia Responses to the Boycott of French Products Campaign

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Danone Indonesia responded to the product boycott campaign French in Indonesia as a result of the statement of the President of France Emmanuel Macron which is considered insulting to Muslims.

Danone Indonesia Corporate Communications Director Arif Mujahidin said Danone Indonesia has no connection with the political views of a country, including France. According to him, Macron’s action was outside the corporate context.

“We welcome the statement made by the Director General of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Trade where the government has taken steps not to participate in boycotting French products because it is outside the context of trade,” said Arif. Among, Tuesday (3/11).

Arif said the company’s products such as SGM and AQUA are products developed and manufactured in Indonesia. These products are also produced by Indonesian workers and are intended for Indonesian consumers.

“SGM has been around since 1965, AQUA has also been present since 1973 in Indonesia and has become the trust of many consumers until now,” he said.

He added that the company will continue its business operations. It is recorded that Danone Indonesia employs nearly 15 thousand employees throughout Indonesia.

“Therefore, we will continue our commitment to serve the needs of nutrition and healthy hydration, through the millions of traders who sell our products in Indonesia,” he said.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

Previously, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) appealed to Indonesian Muslims to boycott French products. This was done with the aim of putting pressure on French President Emmanuel Macron to apologize to Muslims around the world.

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“We urge Muslims around the world to boycott all products originating from the French state,” said MUI Leadership Council Anwar Abbas in an official statement.

Anwar also asked the Indonesian government to give a stern warning to the French government, and to withdraw the time of the Indonesian Ambassador in Paris until Macron retracted his words and apologized to the Muslims.

Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement which was deemed to have hurt the feelings of Muslims around the world. Jokowi considered that freedom of expression which injures the honor, sanctity and sacredness of religious values ​​and symbols, absolutely cannot be justified and must be stopped.

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