“The Most Horrific Nightmare of All!”

A sensational bed discovery has paved the way for several foreign newspapers in recent days.

The snake catcher Joey Zach (37) had to rush out to a home in Queensland, Australia where a woman was taking a midday nap – which was abruptly interrupted by a giant “Eastern Brown Snook”.

It reports, among other things warns News.

Got chills from this

«Sickly poisonous»

The eastern brown snake is a snake you can spot every now and then in Australia, we are to believe Zach himself:

– This is an acquaintance, yes! It is actually a very poisonous snake too, he says to Dagbladet.

He says that brown pike are usually around one and a half meters long, but that at their longest they can be up to 2.4 metres.

SNEAK VISIT: This brown snook took the liberty of occupying the woman's bed - right before the midday nap!  Photo: Facebook.

SNEAK VISIT: This brown snook took the liberty of occupying the woman’s bed – right before the midday nap! Photo: Facebook.
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Zach has worked with snakes and reptiles for over a decade. Just a couple of weeks ago, he himself was bitten repeatedly by a python – which he thought was quite “bad ass”.

However, the 37-year-old has a great understanding that not everyone is equally excited about encountering snakes in season and out of season, and therefore rushed out when the guard phone at Zachery’s Snake and Reptile Relocation rang yesterday.

HUGE CATCH: It wasn’t just anything that was hiding in the stomach of the huge python that was found at a national park in Florida. Reporter: Christina H. Korneliussen/Dagbladet TV
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– It was a woman who was about to take a midday nap who spotted the beast in bed. In this case, it wasn’t a beast she wanted there, so we left, Zach adds.

Check your bed

Following the snake capture, the company posted a picture of the snake sneaking around in the sheet on its Facebook account – to the horror of their followers. They also made an appeal to other Queenslanders:

“Check your bed carefully before you go to bed tonight.”

The picture post has received over 1,100 comments from people who have seen the snake visit.

- Nobody wants to talk to me

– Nobody wants to talk to me

“This is my worst nightmare. I would have died!”, writes one.

“My world had stopped,” writes another.

A third says she likes snakes, but that she prefers to admire them from a few meters away.

Zach tells Dagbladet that the snake was transported away from the home in a safe and efficient way, and that it was then released in another and more suitable place.

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