Young heroes from Zuidlaarderveen call the fire brigade: ‘We knew: this is more than a shit’ – Drenthe

They have a special adventure to tell at school tomorrow: Sil van der Ploeg (13) and Daan Hovingh (14) from Zuidlaarderveen. The boys reacted resolutely to a starting fire, which could prevent worse.

The friends were a bit bored on Sunday afternoon and decided to go cycling to Kielwindeweer. From the bike path they suddenly saw smoke at a shed on the Vossenburg. “We first thought it was a small fire,” Daan says.

Smoke from the roof

,, But a little later smoke came out of the roof. Well, then we knew: that’s more than a snap! “” His friend Sil immediately called 112 and put the emergency services into operation. “The fire brigade arrived quickly, within ten minutes,” Daan knows.

The fire raged in a workshop on the Vossenburg in Zuidlaarderveen. Although the shed suffered considerable damage, the fire brigade managed to prevent the accommodation from burning down. Both friends watched from a safe distance.

Big hug

“When we were later allowed to come to the barn, we received a big hug from the owner,” Daan says. ,, And the police even called us heroes. Yes, that’s great to hear. “

The adventure did not get the boys, who know each other from primary school, in cold clothes. “I’m still shaking,” says Daan.

‘Very proud’

Father Lennard Hovingh: ,, The boys are still impressed by their adventure. We are very proud of both, they have done very well. ”

Daan does not expect a sleepless night. The big plume from the police feels really nice.

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