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Al-Marsad Newspaper: Figs are among the fruits rich in potassium, as it is one of the nutrients whose imbalance in levels can cause hypertension.

And about the benefits of black figs:

1. Fighting Alzheimer’s: One of the potential benefits of figs is that it may help fight certain neurodegenerative diseases, as figs contain substances that can help fight infections that can appear with age.

A study has shown that figs contain natural antioxidant compounds that may have a positive effect on memory and resistance to Alzheimer’s, but studies in this regard are still in its infancy, so it is too early to adopt figs as a recipe for resistance to Alzheimer’s.

2. Reduce Blood Pressure Levels: Eating figs can help balance potassium levels in the body. Figs contain a good amount of dietary fiber that can help stimulate the body to get rid of excess amounts of sodium, which can help to improve blood pressure levels.

3. Improve Hair and Skin Health: Fig fruits and certain compounds extracted from different parts of the fig tree can have many potential benefits for hair and skin, as follows: The latex extracted from black fig tree can help heal skin warts. Eating black fig fruits can help keep hair healthy, as figs are rich in iron, and iron is one of the important nutrients for hair, and black figs can help resist many skin diseases, such as: psoriasis and eczema , according to “Web Medicine “.

4. Strengthen bones and reduce their chances of developing some diseases such as osteoporosis and stimulate the growth of healthy bone tissue in case of fracture or bone injury.5. Regulate blood sugar levels, and among the benefits of black figs and figs in general is that it can help regulate blood sugar levels, and you can get this potential benefit of figs in a number of ways, such as example:

Figs contain a high percentage of dietary fiber, which can help keep it within stable levels, and the use of fig leaves, as these leaves contain substances that can help reduce the dose of insulin patients may need taking insulin drugs.

Figs may have many other potential benefits, such as: resisting erectile dysfunction, relieving certain digestive system problems and ailments, such as: constipation, hemorrhoids, and relieving symptoms that may accompany certain diseases and respiratory system problems, such as: sore throat, cough and accumulation of sputum.

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