You have to cancel the debt with America: the new collection launched by Independiente fans

A few days before the transfer market begins, Independent needs to raise about 6 million dollars to pay the mexico america and thus lift the inhibition of adding players. Therefore, the fans decided to launch a campaign to boost the collection of Santiago Maratea. What is this new initiative about?

the day of the devil

The calendar indicates that this Tuesday is the 6th day of the 6th month (June). Consequently, the fans put together a campaign to produce donations for $6666 and $666 to help the collection of Maratea. Given that the goal is to reach 900 million pesos. It must be remembered that the club needs 5.7 million dollars to cancel the unpaid transfer of Cecilio Domínguez.

A great acceptance can be observed in social networks, because deposits close to 29 million pesos are registered. Thereforethe original collection thanks to this boost was 856 million. And it is estimated that on Wednesday morning donations could be enabled for those fans who are abroad.

the debt was less

This Independiente debt has 10% annual interest since 2019, for which 40% has already been added (NdR: almost US$1,720,000), plus $800,000 fine. So, if you pay that to the MEP, it ends up being 1,700 million pesos,” Maratea said some time ago on ESPN F90. Therefore, the delay in installments generated the accumulation of interest.

“America’s debt was actually $3,200,000”he added. However, Independiente is obliged to pay 5.7 million because the amount that they claim and for which the inhibition was applied in the transfer market. The managers sought to draw up a payment plan, but from Mexico they lost confidence and they want everything to be done in a single movement.

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