Woman with Tuberculosis Refuses Treatment, Arrested and Detained in Washington State, USA

For yourself and others, you should cooperate with treatment and self-isolation when you have an infectious disease. However, after suffering from tuberculosis, a woman in Washington state in the United States not only refused to receive treatment, but even walked around ignoring the contagiousness of the disease, and was absent from the court hearing. Arrested and detained in a negative pressure room of the prison.

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According to comprehensive foreign media reports, because health officials have made reasonable efforts, but the woman known as VN in court documents has always refused to cooperate with any order for isolation and treatment, so Pierce County Superior Court Judge Philip Sorensen in the local A warrant for her arrest was issued on February 24. The arrest warrant also mentions that VN will be detained in measures that allow for examination and treatment until it is determined that she will not pose a threat to public health.

Local sheriff Patricia Jackson pointed out at a hearing in April that someone had witnessed VN taking a bus to the casino and was not at home for several days afterwards, and his family ignored them when the police tried to contact them. Then on May 1, a man claiming to be the son of VN contacted the health department to ask if his mother was absent from a court hearing and when the next hearing would be held. According to a May 10 court filing, health department officials had reasonable cause to believe that VN still had tuberculosis.

The health department said on May 22 that VN was still refusing to receive treatment, so the judge extended her arrest warrant; she was finally arrested at her home on May 30, local time. Tuberculosis itself is contagious and can be fatal when severe; it spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. She will not face any criminal charges, but has been ordered to spend at least 45 days in prison, “according to her circumstances, she can leave early or later … We hope she will choose to be treated for tuberculosis,” according to the official response.

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According to reports, a similar incident occurred in the United States in 2007. After contracting a rare form of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR TB), a lawyer traveled to various European countries and even drove back to the United States from Canada, ignoring the risk of spreading the disease. The U.S. customs clerk who cleared it was reassigned.

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