“You get infected right now, she’s a bitch,” Zagor said after fighting the coronavirus

Zagorová has been fighting coronavirus since the beginning of September, and her husband Štefan Margita also became infected. This week, the legendary singer passed a negative test and is slowly working again.

“We’re getting along a bit after the insidious crap. We’re basically going on work, but in a slightly slower mode,” Zagor admitted on Impuls radio.

According to her, everyone should be careful, because they can get infected very quickly. “It’s now. I’ve had two amazing concerts and you still can’t avoid someone jumping on you and wanting to hug you. Let’s take care of ourselves, let’s follow the rules we consider to be generally important. We think we can infect people “who are older and who are sick in some way. It’s devastating for them,” she described.

For example, Margita, who is 10 years younger than Zagor, unlike his wife, Covid-19 contracted the disease at home and did not have to go to the hospital.

Zagorová has concerts scheduled for the end of the year. “I just hope that the situation calms down and everything goes as it should. That we will stand on stage again and do what we really like,” the singer believes.


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