Ying/Wade high-intensity one-on-one singles with her son 38-year-old low post, middle-distance eating hard and spitting trash, his son wants to enter the NBA is still far away | NBA | DONGTW

Have you ever thought that your dad is a three-time NBA champion, a championship MVP, and a 13-time All-Star selection? If you want to be a basketball player like my father, it must be quite hard. Former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade recently had a one-on-one high-intensity heads-up match with his 18-year-old son Zaire Wade. I saw that the 38-year-old “veteran” still ate his young body to death. NBA stars are not just for you to play. .

Wade, 38 years old this year, did not treat his son Zaire too kindly. Not only did he use his best low-post singles to eat his son, he also kept spitting trash on his son, and finally ended the game with a hook shot. .

Wade finally spit out his son Zaire: “If you want to surpass me, you must beat me first.”

This is the classic “Wade-style fatherly love.” Obviously, Wade was a strong scorer and trash master during his player period.

Putting aside the trash, Zaire will definitely learn the wisdom and skills of basketball from the Hall of Fame star father. I believe that in the near future, we can see Zaire stand on the NBA court like his father.

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