Microbiology Experts Call Corona Virus Mutation Easily

The corona virus in Indonesia has also mutated from the initial virus in Wuhan.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG – A number of countries have reported cases of new mutations from the corona virus. New mutations from corona virus presumably more dangerous than the known variant.

According to Dr. Padjadjaran University microbiologist expert Mia Miranti, MP, the corona virus is included in the RNA virus group. RNA, is one type of nucleic acid which characterizes viruses that are categorized as living things.

The results of research in several scientific journals state that the RNA virus group easily mutated. When the corona virus infects a host body, the RNA will replicate or reproduce.

“There is no replication of this virus that does not cause disease in its host, because it will take over the work system host cell for her reproduction process, ”said Mira in Unpad press release, Monday (28/12).

Regarding Covid-19, Mira said that the corona virus had actually experienced frequent mutations. Mutations are carried out to adapt to the host cell. Since from Wuhan, China, the Corona virus has mutated so that it can survive in a temperature range of 5–10 degrees Celsius.

When it spread to Iran and the Middle East region, Mira estimated that the virus had undergone a mutation back which allowed it to withstand the heat.

The corona virus in Indonesia itself, he said, has undergone a mutation. A report from the Eijkman Institute some time ago found that the corona virus in Indonesia had a different strain from the virus in Wuhan.

“It’s just that the mutation process is not as exciting as it is now in England,” he said.

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The lecturer at the Biology Study Program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences said that there is a possibility that the mutation process in the UK is influenced by several factors, so the possibility of infection is higher. In other words, the mutation of a virus can be much more dangerous if it is influenced by a number of factors.

Because, he said, the mutation of each virus was influenced by the host factor, Mira was of the opinion that vaccine development should be adjusted to the result of the virus mutation. “The Covid-19 vaccine in Indonesia should be adapted to the character of the virus in Indonesia,” he said.


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