Xinying Sports announces new marketing strategy focusing on global head sports IP

Original title: Xinying Sports announces a new marketing strategy, focusing on global head sports IP

On December 29, Xinying Sports held the “Xinying Sports 10th Anniversary Theme Sharing Session” in Beijing. Xinying Sports CEO Yu Lingxiao formally introduced Xinying Sports’ dual-engine development of “copyright operation and sports marketing internationalization”strategyAnd the layout of head sports resources in the next 10 years.

At the same time, Xinying Sports CEO Yu Lingxiao shared the story of Xinying Sports over the past 10 years.the companyThe original intention of the founding, the difficulties encountered and how to tear off the Premier Leaguelabel, To develop a new way of breaking new business forms.

“Xinying Sports has been continuously widening the boundaries of sports marketing and creating a new ecology of sports marketing.” Yu Lingxiao said that they will join hands with more top international sports organizations to innovate in the field of sports marketing and will make full use of the company’s upstream and downstream resources , In the existingCore BusinessOn the basis of continuous development of newproduct, New business, creating sports entertainment products and content that Chinese audiences like, and digging into the top sports IP in Chinamarketofbusinessvalue.

i Dark Horse understands that since 2018, Xinying Sports has begun to accelerate the company’s business transformation, looking at the global head sports IP, and rapidly expanding the company’s business scope. In 2020, the business development of Asian Football, a subsidiary of Xinying SportsLimited company(FMA)teamSuccessfully launched the new AFC cycle brand newsponsorSystem, and is fully committed to the development of the Asian football market. In May 2020, Xinying Sports, La Liga and MediaPro jointly established a brand newjoint venture公司(Spanish Football Commercial and Marketing Company,SFCM)。

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In this regard, La Liga League ChinaGeneral manager, SFCM CEO Sergi Torrents said: “The most important core element of La Liga’s development strategy in China islocalization, Our joint venture with MediaPro and Xinying Sports can better localize La Liga. China is currently the second largest market in La Liga apart from the Spanish and North American markets, but La Liga believes that in the next few years, China will become La Liga’s largest overseas market.In the future, SFCM will conduct in-depth commercial development around the digital ecosystem, offline activities and e-sports business.BrandProvide more business marketing solutions. “

In the upcoming 2021, the European Cup, Olympic Games, and World Cup Asian qualifiers will be staged in turn, and global sports brands have begun to make arrangements in advance to prepare for the sports year.Xinying Sports will continue to expand the boundaries of partners, jointly in-depth exploration and trainingSports marketPotential to provide users and partners with more innovative sports marketingserviceAnd content services.

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