Xiaomi confirms that it will enter the car business in 2024

The information that Xiaomi was even going to turn to the automobile market were now confirmed by the same.

This possibility has been suspected for some time, but now the CEO of the Chinese company has confirmed that the brand will even enter the car business in the year 2024.

Xiaomi hopes to mass produce its cars in 2024

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recently revealed to his investors that the Chinese company will begin mass-producing its own vehicles during the first half of 2024.

Thus, the brand that became popular especially for bringing to the market new and powerful smartphones at more affordable prices for the consumer, may also surprise in the automotive segment.

The news was advanced by Reuters, but it is certainly not new for some people who are more attentive to the information that has been disclosed in recent times.

Representation of a Xiaomi car

For example, in August it was news to purchase by Xiaomi from DeepMotion, a company specializing in autonomous driving. More recently, in mid-September, the brand confirmed their plans for an electric car, also foreseeing the manufacture of 900 thousand units by the year 2027.

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However, it remains unclear whether Xiaomi will produce its cars by itself or whether, in turn, it will turn to a car manufacturer. If the second option is confirmed, which is the one that makes the most sense at an early stage, then it will probably be a manufacturer already experienced in this segment.

Certainly this matter will be the target of more revelations in the near future. So let's be careful so that we can follow the whole process until we finally have a more real glimpse of what this 'Mi Car' will be like.


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