In the LTV program “Amatieris” together with Reini Ošenieks you will be able to get acquainted with professions / Article

“I am inspired by people who love their work! Each of the professions has its own language and crust, but only by trying and going deeper, it is possible to get to know its invisible side. We will introduce the audience to various professions, at the same time revealing the values ​​and responsibilities of the specific work, ”says Reinis Ošenieks, the host of the program and a journalist for LTV.

The host of the show will always have a companion – a well-known person who will try to become an amateur with him during the day. The intrigue about the familiar profession will remain until the last moment, because the guest of the show does not know in advance what awaits him on the particular day.

In the first series on October 21, the model Māra Sleja will have to get into the profession of a long-distance driver and be able to perform various tasks, for example, to transport a retro car by truck. How will she do? Find out by watching the show! LTV draws attention to the fact that the filming took place in a closed area and its safe operation was supervised by professionals.

“Amateur” will also have the opportunity to sympathize with the adventures of the artist Madara Botmane, the musician Arstarulsmirus, the producer and director of programs Karmena Stepanova, as well as other well-known personalities.

The program consists of: director Reinis Ošenieks, director Matīss Spaile, chief cameraman Mārtiņš Šalmis, project manager Madara Grīsniņa-Grīsle, assistant director Anna Sestule and executive producer Jana Priedniece.

The show “Amateur” – from October 21 on Thursdays at 22.25 LTV7 and

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