Xiaoman admits that “I have quit smoking for many years”!After becoming a mother, “0 taboos have a bottom line”: I don’t touch these 3 things at all | ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud

Reporter Pan Huizhong / Comprehensive Report

Xiaoman (Wang Chengyan) has been with Shao Xiang for 7 years. After getting married in 2020 and giving birth to the “Supreme Treasure” the following year, she often shares her parenting life with fans. When asked on the 11th whether pregnant women can drink vinegar, she admitted that although she It’s a mother who doesn’t want to eat, “But I don’t touch these three things at all!”

▲Although Xiaoman is not taboo, there are 3 things she does not touch at all. (Picture / Retrieved from Instagram / lilu.s_wang)

Xiaoman explained in a limited-time Instagram post that when she was pregnant, she “drinked vinegar to the fullest”, and it was also very comfortable to drink when she was bloated. “If you have taboos, you can avoid the taste of peach or rose.”

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When the topic changed, Xiaoman said that although she does not avoid food, there are 3 things that she does not touch at all, “I dare not eat raw food”, and because of alcohol allergy, she does not drink alcohol, and finally smokes, “I quit. many years.”

▲▼ Xiaoman.  (Picture / Retrieved from Instagram / lilu.s_wang)

▲ Xiaoman has a son. (Picture / Retrieved from Instagram / lilu.s_wang)

In fact, Xiaoman once admitted that after giving birth, considering that her son was drinking all breast milk, she did not have any taboos or special diet control. CC boiled water, “Occasionally feel down and embarrass a cup of bubble tea.”

● “ETtoday News Cloud” reminds you: smoking is harmful to health!

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